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Turkey will host an international MISS workshop

Despite the pandemic, medical congresses and workshops continue to take place, upon the importance of vaccination, and precautions, physicians who practice minimally invasive spine surgery show interest in attending minimally invasive surgical studies and workshops that give a unique chance to develop and sharing of knowledge in the medical fields.

On 9th-10th April in Ankara University School of Medicine, TURKMISS organized an international congress and workshop for international attendees. The Society of Minimally Invasive and Interventional Spinal Surgery (OMID) was founded in 2009 in Istanbul by the leading physicians who practiced minimally invasive endoscopic spinal surgery for the first time in Turkey.

The goal of TURKMISS is to allow all physicians who are interested in minimally invasive surgery to get in contact with renewed methods of percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic spine surgery and unilateral biportal endoscopic spine surgery techniques not only theoretically but in practice on cadavers during the workshop.

New technological developments within the techniques of minimally invasive spine surgeries, MISS became a more popular and innovative method with improved optic systems that heighten human perception multiple times, robotic navigating and target systems makes it possible to transform classical spine surgeries into less traumatic applications especially in foramina level diagnosis and treatments.

MISS climbs high in the Cochrane RCT classification as an experience-based medical science. New surgical solutions will be accessible for failed back syndrome with the guidance of TURKMISS sessions. The sessions will focus on surgical approaches along with a multidisciplinary way of treatment while encouraging teamwork and highlighting the philosophy of algorithmic treatment.

TURKMISS workshop program has a professional team, course director is Prof. Dr. Ayhan Comert, with lecturers with international experience, Dr. Halil Acar, Dr. Hayati Aygun, Dr. Oguz Karaeminogulları, Dr. Tuna Koç, Dr. Abdullah Merter, Dr. Tolgay Şatana and Dr. Çiğdem Mumcu.

You can find detailed program information by visiting the website of turkmiss congress and do your registration for the limited workshop event.


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