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Turkey-based Proton treatment platform provides its services for oncological patients

Proton treatment service platform based in Turkey expanded its services for patients by working with two more Proton treatment centers.

The West German Proton Therapy Centre Essen (WPE)

Started in 2022 proton treatment service agreed with the Russian Proton treatment center MIBS, 2023 started to work with two more proton treatment centers, Chang Lung Memorial Proton Center and WPE Essen Proton Treatment Center that provide more options for the patients, especially those who have tumors in brain, lungs, and other cancer types which located close to important organs.

MIBS, the first Proton Beam Therapy Treatment Center in the Russian Federation

Proton therapy was invented by Dr. Robert Rathburn Wilson in 1946, he described the key physical property of the depth-dose curve for protons, heavily charged particles compared to photons or X-rays. Proton therapy can reach tumors up to 40 cm in depth and by Bragg peak, proton beam release loaded energy within the tumor and do not harm the zone outside of it. That is why for children with oncological diseases and older patients within certain circumstances when classical radiotherapy does not applicable, proton treatment is the best option, especially for brain tumors, lung cancer, liver cancer, and other types of cancer tumors.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital's Proton and Radiation Therapy Center is the first proton center in Taiwan

There is no Proton treatment center in Turkey, worldwide there are more than 150 centers in 48 countries, started to cooperate with the leading and internationally recognized centers to provide leading services to the patients in terms of quality and cost policy. A lot of local patients in Turkey do the research by themselves or are suggested by their doctors to do proton therapy during their treatment, patients often find proton treatment medical tourism platforms on google, and contact them to ask how to apply for treatment and have general information. Unfortunately, the proton treatment cost is relatively high than other cancer treatment methods.

To understand the case and how proton therapy will be applied patients are referred to a local specialist of proton therapy and then with all necessary medical reports get the second medical opinion and treatment packages for patients from the proton centers. Patients are able to have hotel and transport options if necessary, in addition to the treatment.


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