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About Us

Quality medical tourism news,
where you want it, when you want it.

We are a medical tourism bulletin site which pursue Daily medical and tourism based news and developpementsin the World. We aimed to find and establish the new and different treatment technics, new health developpements around the world, at the same time World’s developping health tourism market day by day which aligned with future perspectives and technologies, for introduce you. In addition we offer you some therapeutic treatment technics, health and tourism news around the world. In our site also you can reach out the information about plenty of different health sections and newly developped hospitals. While you’re reading daily based news and different treatment opportunities, we’re always ready for help and research new informations with our independent journalism perception in order to present to you.

Our Publician Policy and Mission
Medical Tourism Bullettin promises for adhere to international publishing principles and stays equidistant for each company, organisation and person as following an objective publishing principle.Our mission is ensure effective communication with independent journalism perception and right practices.   

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