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Hair Transplant Industry in Turkey

This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice.

The hair transplant industry is without a doubt a booming medical arena. There is a huge demand for hair restoration services around the world; even we can see lots of celebrity hair transplant before and after photos on magazine websites. Most people who have lost their hair due to medical or hereditary reasons are looking for a solution to restore their hair loss. In addition to this, many women are losing their hair at some stage due to various factors related to stress, pregnancy, and trauma.

The hair transplant industry in Turkey provides a solution to these problems. The country has long been sitting on top of the leadership board for hair transplants. Most hair transplant clinics in Turkey have high standards, and very high success rates and can cater even to the most challenging hair types to transplant, namely afro-type hair.

Who does the procedure?

To perform a successful hair transplant, the surgeon should have extensive experience in performing procedures. One of the surgeons from Heva Clinic explains it in a simple manner: “A qualified surgeon should be able to identify the problem area and discuss with the patient the best realistic results that can be achieved. After identifying the problem area, donor hair follicles are taken from the back side of the head and sometimes even from other parts of the body. These donor hairs are called grafts, and they are placed on thinning areas using various tools. Grafts are basically small pieces of hair that are transplanted individually onto the balding area.”

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How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the number of grafts to be harvested and transplanted, the procedure may last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. Some patients may need 2 sessions if the balding area is too large.

Are there any potential risks?

Any surgery carries risk, as is the case with all medical interventions. However, the risk of complications after a hair transplant is minimal. Patients should avoid taking certain medications before the procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

It would be misleading to say it’s completely painless but the pain associated with a hair transplant is a minor one. The dominant feeling here perhaps isn’t pain but discomfort while the anesthesia is being administered. Once the procedure is over, patients will need to have patience during the first few months of healing.

Does the procedure work?

Yes, the procedure works! The results of most procedures will show significant improvement within 12 months.

The Reasoning Behind

Turkey is one of the best countries to have a hair transplant performed. Most clinics in the country offer some of the best surgeons specializing in transplanting hair. There are many different types of procedures offered at various price points. You can find everything from a simple FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure to a complete strip-donor procedure. Most people choose the FUE method due to better results, although both of these methods are safe and effective.

Turkey also offers the most advanced technology, cutting-edge equipment, and highly skilled surgeons when it comes to hair transplants. They also have some of the most affordable prices. Turkish hair transplant costs are significantly lower; the nation provides reasonable costs and practical packages. Doctors have extensive training and knowledge.

Let’s break all of this down into bite-sized pieces:

1. Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplants cost much less than hair implants and take less time to heal. You can get your hair transplant done at any age and there are many advantages of getting your hair transplanted in Turkey. The cost of a hair transplant varies depending on where the surgery takes place. If the surgery is performed in Turkey, the price may start from $2,200. However, if the surgery is performed in Western Europe or the US, the price may vary between $20,000 and $30,000.

2. High-Quality Results

The quality of results is very high in Turkey. The best surgeons and technical teams perform the surgeries. The surgeons have experience and expertise. The techniques they use are safe and effective. Turkish doctors also lead the way in hair transplant medical technology.

3. All-inclusive Packages

One of the dominant reasons behind Turkey’s success story in hair transplant procedures is its clever take on the marriage of hospitality and medical cosmetics. Especially, the accessibility and tourist attractions in Istanbul made Turkey even more appealing.

Hair clinics in Turkey offer a whole journey rather than just a cosmetic touch. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you are taken care of without having to think about how to hail a cab or how to get from your hotel to the clinic. All of these and more are taken care of for you during your stay.

4. Top-notch Aftercare

Aftercare is always included in Turkey. Your doctor will regularly check on you and you will be invited to the clinic to help you out with your first head wash and scabbing issues. You don’t need to stay in the clinic after the surgery, but you will be given all that is needed from medical shampoos to a special pillow to get through the first few uncomfortable days.

5. Lots of options & reviews

Having thousands of hair clinics became an advantage in Turkey as they compete with each other and produce more content and testimonial for the next patients. Let’s have a look at one of the thousands of examples below:

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It’s highly recommended to find similar cases for your procedure before making the decision given the number of options that the one has in Turkey.

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