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New method of diagnostic for Parkinson's disease in Turkey

Advanced MRI and PET scans helped scientist to do scientific work for diagnosis and right way of prevention and treatment approaches. There is two main theoretical view where the Parinson’s disease starts, Body-first Parkinson’s, starts in the intestines and spreads to the brain through neural connections, while brain-first Parkinson’s originates in the brain and metastasizes to the intestines as well as the other organs, including heart.

The researches found that some patients had damage to the brain’s dopamine system before damage in the intestines and heart occurred. Scans of the other patients revealed damage to the nervous system of the intestines and heart before damage in the brain’s dopamine system was visible. The results of the scans could be very significant for the treatment of Parinkson’s disease in the future, with care pathways picked to best way of individualized treatment of patients.

PET/MRI that is available in Turkey, is used to trace B-amyloid plaques or dopaminergic deficiencies that starts to occur in the brain long before the patient realizes symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, PET/MRI is the first line imaging technique to provide one-stop diagnostic procedure with improvement of patients comfort and brings all biomarker identification at one stage to be evaluated by the neurology specialists.

Patients who have not chance to be diagnosed within the last technological equipment and professional neurology physicians can receive consultation and receive medical tourism services in Turkey for diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases such as Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Prion diseases.

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