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Brazilian buttock lift in Turkey

Turkey is among the most popular countries in the world for plastic and cosmetic surgeries such as Brazilian butt lift. Every year, thousands of patients from over the world — the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and many other countries travel to Turkey for effective treatment.

There are many reasons that make Turkey a highly sought after medical travel:

Low prices: International patients can have the best BBL in Turkey at affordable prices. This is one of the major benefits of having treatment here. The BBL clinics in Turkey offer economical packages for Brazilian buttock lift, which start as low as $3000, while in countries such as the USA, it costs $8,000. Even considering the travel charges, accommodation and living expenses, a patient saves money significantly with the Brazilian but lift price in Turkey.

Experienced doctors: The best BBL doctors in Turkey are highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons who work at the best clinics and hospitals. They continually improve their skills and have been trained at the leading plastic surgery clinics overseas. They are members of prestigious organizations and societies for aesthetic medicine and are experienced in the use of the latest developments in this field.

Advanced care: The top medical centers that offer Brazilian Butt lift in Turkey use the latest technologies in plastic surgery to ensure the safety and quality of the treatment. The medical team ensures proper pre-and post-operative care for the patient.

All-inclusive packages with specialized services: The plastic surgery clinics in Turkey are accredited centers that attract international patients from all around the world. They offer reasonably priced packages that include various services, apart from the butt lift in Turkey. This usually includes airport pickup, hotel stay, admission, and language assistance.

BBL cost in Turkey

The average BBL price in Turkey is €3000 ($3300), with a minimum of €2500 ($2750). With implants, the cost may go up to €6000 ($6600). The exact price will vary depending on body size and the areas to be treated. However, Turkey BBL cost is 60-70% lower than the price for the same in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe (between €5000 and €8000).

This is major because of the low hospital costs and the difference in the exchange rate. Turkey has become one of the biggest magnets and the most popular destinations for patients from all around the world who seek to have a successful butt lift or other plastic surgeries. The competitive prices for a butt lift in Turkey make patients save considerable money with equally good if not better services.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift has gained a lot of fame. This process involves injecting the self-fat (from the patient’s body) to enlarging the buttocks. Fat injection is an easy and safe procedure. Most people who opt for Brazilian butt lift aim to gain a beautiful body and an attractive butt from the process.

This procedure is done without implants. The surgeon simply removes excess fat from the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs with a liposuction technique, and a portion of this fat is then injected into the buttocks.

The procedure can be done using Vaser Liposuction, which is an advanced minimally invasive technique of fat transfer from different areas of the body through small holes. The injected fat aims to give the buttocks more size and better shape.

Some goals that can be achieved with the Brazilian butt lift process typically include:

  • Improvement of the overall volume by balancing the top and bottom parts of the buttocks.

  • Lifting and tightening the buttocks area.

  • Reduce fat from the waist or other areas with lipo to sculpting and provide more fullness of buttocks and back.

  • Boost confidence

  • Enhance the appearance and tone of the body.

A skilled cosmetic surgeon can improve the parts of the entire lower body with the Brazilian butt lift technique, and help a patient lose fat from other areas which enhance the buttocks. The results usually last for many years.

The right candidate for BBL in Turkey

A suitable candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure generally has:

  • Enough fat in the body parts from where it could be extracted and grafted

  • A medical history that does not pose any risk from having a surgery

  • Desire to increase the volume of the buttocks

  • Also, achieve a thinner look on the waist

  • Want to reshape and contour the body


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