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Cataract treatment methods performed in Turkey

Turkey has a good reputation in the treatment of ophthalmological diseases, especially well experienced ophthalmological centers treat cataract with innovative methods and relatively affordable costs.

Cataract disease is the cloudiness of the lens behind the iris, which is caused by breaking the proteins in the consistency. The light reflected from the objects can not pass to the cornea vision nerve clearly and this causes blindness. People who are older than the ’40s should do routine checking in the clinic, as symptoms start to appear around the ’60s. Half of the people aged 80 have cataract disease.

There are some reasons that can cause cataract, they are diabetes, steroid medication usage, phenothiazine drugs usage, eye surgery or eye injury, causes of radiation treatment and long-time sun lights unprotected contacts. People should know the symptoms and be aware to prevent themselves from the disease. If people start to be aware of double vision, sudden nearsightedness development, sensitivity to bright light, and changes of colors, they can apply for examination to the ophthalmological centers.

In Turkey, there are performed most advanced technologies for the treatment of patients with cataract diseases. There is two main approaches that is applicable, the first method is the phacoemulsification procedure where the surgeon makes a micro-incision to the cornea and emulsify cataract tense with the high-frequency sound waves, and inserts the rolled IOL smart lens. The other method is extracapsular, the surgeon removes the soft cortex and hard part of the lens, while the back part of the lens remains back to support the smart lens.

There are 3 types of IOL’s that are used in the surgeries

The right type of lease is important for the patients and recommended before the surgery based on the vision problem. Multifocal IOLs allow patients to see both near and distance vision. The advantage of this lens is the ability to focus on close and far objects. Monofocal IOLs are used for patients with the problem of nearsightedness, and farsightedness, These types of lenses are used to correct the farsightedness and require to use of the glasses to clearly see the near objects. Toric IOLs are another type of monofocal intraocular lens to correct astigmatism.

Post-surgical rehabilitation takes only a few days, patients are required to wear the eye shield even during sleep time. Vision correction happens in 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. Cataract treatment with the 2 main methods is internationally accepted and provides a 99% of success rate with few complications only which are seen rarely, cornea inflammatory and swelling of the cornea. In the case of the secondary cataract, the YAG laser is used to treat the blurriness which takes only 5 minutes to restore your vision.


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