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Turkey Is The European Hub Of Medical Tourism

This agreement becomes null and void if and only if the above paper is not accepted and published by The Publisher, or is with drawn by the author before acceptance by the Publisher. Turkish foreign policy has become more assertive, unilateral and prone to the use of force due to domestic developments and the changing international context (e.g., Turkey’s clashing interests with the West). Given its geostrategic location, its size and involvement in conflicts in adjacent countries , Turkey will no doubt continue to play an important role in the region.

Some hospitals are included in the TOP of the most technologically advanced in the world from Top Master’s in Healthcare Administration. The city continues to be a magnet for those who want to spend a fantastic city vacation, as well as receive medical treatment before heading back home in a replenished and healthy way. Regarding the minimum wage, cost of living, accommodation, rental, utility and management costs in 2022, the city can be considered as one of the lowest ones when compared to the #UK, #EU or US. For health tourism, health institutions and organizations must be accredited by the Joint Commission International .

The countries of Europe and the CIS recognize Turkey as their new health partner and center for medical tourism. Turkey offers quality and affordable medical travel packages for patients. The country perfectly combines treatment and thermal tourism, spas and wellness centers with five-star hotels.

Depending on the cause of sagging, a surgeon removes the excessive skin and fat, and corrects size and position of muscles. Blepharoplasty in Turkish hospitals has the stable result that may last a lifetime. In Turkey, doctors use radionuclide methods, brachytherapy, Gamma Knife, photodynamic therapy and many other effective methods for cancer treatment. Blood cancer is treated with chemotherapy, and if it is ineffective, then a bone marrow transplant is performed. The country performs more than 3 thousand such procedures annually. The vast majority of them are effective – they cure cancer and do not give serious complications.

Also known as the Easter Island, Rapa Nui is a special territory in the Southern Pacific Ocean in Chile. This destination features some of the most beautiful pink sand beaches, volcanoes, and grasslands. It also hosts an intriguing culture and numerous cultural festivals all year round. Rapa Nui is also famous for its nearly 1000 extant monumental statues, known as the Moai, created by the early inhabitants of the Rapa Nui people. The head of the Medical Tourism Association in Turkey, Serut Terzilar, revealed that “the Europeans account for 70% of the pioneers of hair transplantation in Turkey.”

President Recep Tayyib Erdoğan has pursued a non-inclusive line of governance embedded in a majoritarian understanding of democracy. The Islamization of the country by the ruling coalition has continued. Erdoğan’s decision to convert Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia into a mosque and the increasing influence of Diyanet in Turkish politics attest to this.

It will also examine how governments in the future could alter their models of support and where can they invest to get the most significant ROI for their city, province or country. IPS Group offers health services consultancy to foreign patients who prefer Turkish doctors and hospitals that have become a global brand in the field of health. We offer our guidance duties with our expert staff, within the private health institutions and hospitals that we have agreed to get these services in the best way, with the best and highest quality service at the right address and in the most appropriate way. One of the secrets of the success of Turkey’s medical sector is that the government invests in upgrading and developing healthcare. Hence, the country’s facilities and health professionals are comparable with the best in the world. A PPP (private-public-partnership) model has been instrumental in improving the healthcare infrastructure.

Masks are now only mandatory on public transport and in health facilities. Transit flights to third countries without entry into Turkey are possible without restrictions. It’s Mediterreanean region basically has Mediterreanean climate with dry summers and moderately and rainy winters. Sunny weather stays for around 300 days of the year and the temperature could go high up to 40’C.

The literacy rate reached 96.2% in 2017 and, while Turkey scored 0.731 in the U.N. Education Index, it continues to perform poorly in “educational attainment” in the Gender Gap Index, ranking 113 out of 144 countries in 2020. The net enrollment rate for preschool education increased from 66.9% to 68.3% between 2018 and 2019. For the same period, the net enrollment rate in primary schools increased from 91.5% to 91.9%, but fell for lower secondary schools from 94.5% to 93.3%, according to the European Commission . Since then, a number of changes to the status of such protected areas have been implemented, including the removal of the National Park of Cappadocia from the list of national parks. Although foreign direct investment flows have been the most stable, they continued to decrease (the inflow of net foreign direct investment decreased from 1% of GDP in 2017 to 0.7% of GDP in 2019).

The cost of diagnostic examination and treatment here is much lower than in the United States or Western Europe, but the quality of the services provided remains at the same high level. To attract medical tourists with affordable prices, the government abolished VAT for foreign patients who undergo treatment in the hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. Then again, Turkey has stood apart a couple of steps in plastic medical procedures, organ transplants, hair transplantation, eye, and dental consideration fields lately. This variety in healthcare services makes an appealing domain for both an expanding number of “global retirees” and “medical tourists”. The Turkish Ministry of Health predicts the number of international patients will increase from 500,000 in 2015 to about 2 million by 2023. Until then it is expecting USD 20 billion in foreign exchange proceeds.


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