Turkey is one of the top 5 destinations

Medical tourism has become another aspect of the travel industry that is becoming popular over the years. From cosmetic surgery to kidney transplants, a lot of countries have become specialized that if it is not in those countries, some medical procedures may never happen. India has suddenly turned to be a Mecca for people who seek excellent medical attention. The number of people who are transported to India has tripped over the decades that the country has ensured that these visitors are given the best medical attention.

We have listed five of the top medical tourists countries that can provide patients some of the best medical care including the herbal treatments too.


The cost of making use of the hospitals in Turkey is very affordable. Though, it may not be as popular as India, but it is still one of the perfect spots to have a medical care or checkup. A lot of foreigners including Africans are seen coming to Turkey for medical attention and support. A lot of people think of the cost of some medical procedures before embarking on any medic