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Turkey Introduces New Rules For Medical Tourism

Colorful Istanbul, peaceful Izmir, Mediterranean Antalya – you may choose any place to visit as a tourist or as a study destination. In principle, it is always advisable for a country not to rely too much on vacationers from a single country, says Professor Jürgen Schmude, president of the German Society for Tourism Research, in an interview with DW. “But such knowledge does not always translate into reality,” he adds. Businesses and research institutes involved in the sector invest substantially in research and development activities. Select an industry for all the data you need to make your business decisions. Turkey welcomed 51.7 million tourists in 2019, and received a total of 34.5 billion dollars, according to official figures of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The ability of the destination countries in using trained medical professionals, modern technology and scientifically recognized methods has also attracted medical tourists . Once a country becomes well-known in the provision of specific medical services, economies of scale allows it to capture even a higher market share . The ability of countries to package medical services with general tourism improves cost-advantage for patients . Becoming recognized as the preferred destination for highly specialized medical care services creates the “reputation-effect”, which may become the catalyst for achieving higher market demand for other medical services as well.

Besides, if you wish, in this scope, we can prepare and provide you with a separate letter. Typically, European citizens do not need a visa to enter Turkey, but special requests or letters, please inform us in advance. Thanks to our methods, your treatment substantially could be determined. If your doctor thinks you need some tests, you will be informed, and you can take these tests either in Turkey or in your own country. The most significant advantage of this method is that you’ll learn the budget required for your treatment before you arrive in Turkey. Medical Tourism is a new concept used to represent obtaining medical or surgical services while traveling or vacationing in another country.

When you decide to have a treatment, your documents, which show your medical procedures, will be sent to you by our healthcare providers. Cardiac surgeons in Turkish clinics carry out the installation of a pacemaker, valve replacement, coronary artery bypass grafting, and fibrillation treatment using the MAZE method. Doctors use modern prostheses and pacemakers that meet international requirements. For doctors in Turkey, the option of bypass surgery using the Da Vinci robot is available. Neurosurgery, cardiology, microsurgery, urology, orthopedics and traumatology, obstetrics and gynecology, gastroenterology are no less popular destinations for medical tourism in Turkey.

Therefore, more and more international patients come here annually. In Turkey, the clinics offer breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, nose job and other interventions. Some plastic surgery centers successfully perform even the most complex reconstructive operations after injuries, cancer, or in congenital malformations.

Turkey therefore is expected to spread its reputation and increase the number of health tourists visiting the country based on the objectives outlined by the Health Ministry. Just because of the coronavirus, additional controls have started to prevent possible infections. Apart from routine infection controls, extra measurements are also taken to assure that the effects of the global pandemic are minimized. Reviveair makes sure that your treatment is undertaken by a handpicked team of professionals and that your visit to Turkey is pleasing even during the epidemic.

Turkish specialists undergo training and internships in the best hospitals in the world. The hospitals have at their disposal modern equipment, which is why the most advanced types of cancer treatment are used here. Depending on the destination country, visa requirements may vary, which can also be obtained from Turkish consulates in the origin country. For example, holders of Spanish passports must obtain an e-visa to enter Turkey.

For health tourism in Turkey it is one of the most preferred cities comes from Istanbul. Before the 2020th, more than 700,000 foreign patients have picked Turkey as a top clinical the travel industry objective yearly. For the most recent decade, Turkish medical services has hit a world-class level because of billions of ventures. What remains unchanged is the claim to fulfill the statutory and regulatory requirements. In other countries, quality management systems for health care facilities are already provably required.

SMALL BUSINESS GROUP 2015 Compare your plan options Plans for businesses with 1 50 employees 1 SMALL BUSINESS GROUP Value, choice, and quality the Group Health difference Your job is running a business. During individual free consultations, our clients are assisted by knowledgeable medical professionals in selecting the most suitable clinic, taking into account their personal priorities and expectations. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

MY obtained information on cost and quality from the IVF provider in Turkey. Both MMK and MY drafted the paper, interpreted the data and finalized the paper. Market prices, these should reflect total value of all the resources used, including the fixed cost items. The information was obtained through an interview of IVF service providers in the hospital.

The migrants have been briefly visiting their families and relatives in areas liberated from terrorists during the holidays and returned back to Turkey. But this year, a debate emerged as Turkey deals with an influx of migrants from more conflict zones, including Afghanistan, Ukraine and other countries. International students will be surprised how wonderful student life can be in Turkey. As a transcontinental country with old history, meaningful traditions and friendly atmosphere Turkey offers you enjoyable time of visiting historical places, viewing impressive scenes, joining local cultures and traditions. “Travel is supposed to bring joy; suffering and tragedy are to be avoided.

In order to select the appropriate targeted drug, genetic and molecular tests are performed, including gene mutations in the KRAS, NRAS, and BRAF genes; HER2 protein and HER2 gene; NTRK genes. Due to the development of the medical tourism industry, patients from all countries have a chance to undergo such tests and receive the necessary therapy. Turkey is a multipurpose country that offers tourists not only excellent leisure options, but also quality medical care.


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