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Turkey has become Europe’s favorite in oral and dental health

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, Turkey hosted around 1 million foreign patients in 2021. In 2023, 1.5 million patients and $10 billion income are predicted. In terms of oral and dental health, which is one of the components of health tourism, Turkey is gaining value day by day, and the treatment demands of foreigners are increasing.

Dentist Figen Sencan, in her statement on the subject, said, “Turkey has become the favorite of Europe in terms of oral and dental health, with the experience of our dentists, the advanced technology we have, and the fast and high-quality treatment process. In addition, with the ease of visa in health tourism, geographical location, low flight costs, and the price advantage provided by the high exchange rate, our country’s attractiveness for European citizens is increasing. We are above world standards in dental treatment.”


Drawing attention to the increasing interest in dental treatments from abroad to Turkey, Dentist Figen Sencan said, “Turkey has made serious investments in health tourism in the last 10 years. Our country has no shortage of human resources, dentists, authority and competence in terms of dental tourism. Now, citizens of many different countries from all over the world prefer our country for healthcare, 80% of our patients are foreign citizens. The number of people coming to Turkey for treatment from Germany, France, the Netherlands and the USA, where health services are very expensive, is increasing. The satisfaction rate of those who visit our country for dental treatments has reached 90%. Dental treatments are often costly, with patients spending an average of around €5 thousand per person. Tourists who come for health tourism leave five times more foreign currency than normal tourists and do not return only after treatment. He stays, takes a vacation and visits historical places. We believe that we will be able to rank first in health tourism by doing much more than our achievements with this high potential.”


Sencan made a statement about the priority preferences of foreigners and used the following statements:

“Health tourism attracts attention not only in terms of functional dental treatments, but also in cosmetic dentistry due to aesthetic concerns. One of the most important advantages of digital dentistry is the ability to design an aesthetic smile. There is a great demand for ‘Smile Design’, which includes prosthetic and restorative treatments. We use technologies that allow virtual abrasion, attachment and contour changes in accordance with the face and mouth structure of the individual on teeth that are transformed into three dimensions with the help of a micro camera. The finished state of the teeth can be seen on the screen before the restoration is completed by aligning with the real face photograph of the individual. Developing technology has also increased the success of implant treatments. Dental treatments can be completed in a short time in a clinical environment with a computer. Oral and dental surgery (Implantology) and prosthesis treatment (Prostheses, crowns, laminates) and all kinds of necessary treatment are applied in our country. As Turkish dentists, we produce solutions to problems in a very short time with our high technology, reasonable prices and fast treatment process.”


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