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Turkey Boosts Medical Tourism From the USA with New Programs

Medical tourism is one of Turkey’s fastest-growing industries, experiencing an annual growth rate of 22.6%. Medical tourism statistics show 290,000 international patients visited Turkey for treatment in the first quarter of 2020, which rose to 302,000 by the second quarter. Turkey’s local medical tourism market generated over $ 1 billion in revenue in 2021.

Although patients from different parts of the world visit Turkey for medical procedures, Turkey continues to attract US medical travelers because of the country’s low-cost, high-quality healthcare. Medical fees in the US are expensive despite insurance. For example, the cost for a valve replacement in the US is $150,000, while it costs around $17,000 in Turkey. Dental tourism in Turkey is also 50 to 70% cheaper than in the US.

Increasing the Amount of US Medical Tourists

To boost the influx of US medical tourists to Turkey, the national flag carrier recently signed an agreement with the Services Exporters Association (HIB) to support them in reaching their export service revenue goal of $5 billion in 2023. Moreover, it plans to collaborate with over 700 HIB member companies in the healthcare service industry.

Turkish Airlines Targets American Medical Travelers

Turkish Airlines has developed programs to attract more American patients to the country. For instance, Turkish Airlines has begun a new program to provide weekly medical tours from the US, costing $5,000.

Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of Turkish Airlines, stated that he believes the new program will succeed because health services are expensive and delayed in the US. The weekly tours will provide quick solutions for medical tourists.

Turkish Airlines has also signed a deal with private hospitals in Istanbul. This deal will enable American tourists who arrive in the US to obtain necessary treatments at the hospitals after medical tests.

Become A Health Tourism Agent

Turkey is one of the most sought-after medical tourism destinations in the world. Although the destination has been popular among US medical travelers for years, the country is ramping up its efforts to attract even more. Many traveling patients find the medical tourism process complex and need facilitators to assist them during their overseas journey. This presents a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to help these individuals by becoming medical travel agents.

The first step to starting a health tourism agency is acquiring a medical tourism accreditation. Earning a certification is the key to building a trusted brand. At Medical Tourism Business, we provide training to show you how to launch, run, and grow your business from the ground up. View our program benefits to learn how we can help you grow your agency.

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