Turkey As The Ideal Destination For Health Tourism

The first things you think of when you hear about Turkey are probably the sea, coffee, Turkish airlines, and…medical tourism! The inbound medical tourists flow increased to 1M patients in 2019 — with a rise of 370% for the last 4 years. In 2019 pre-Covid ,000 patients came to Turkey for medical tourism, 352,000 of them alone was for cosmetic surgery. All of the operations have high success rates, thanks to knowledgeable doctors and professional teams. During demographic change, the topic of health and wellness is becoming more and more important.

When it comes to Turkish cuisine, you will have numerous options to taste such as kebabs, baklava, appetizers and many more in the famous restaurants in Istanbul.Choosing Turkey to have your surgery done will be the best experience you can ever have. While the highly skilled and experienced surgeons perform your operation, you can discover this incredible country. If you happen to visit the southern region of Turkey, you can combine your summer holiday and your surgery in a row.

In Turkey, a high number of hospitals have national and international accreditations and certificates. Prices ranging from 200 to 300 thousand dollars abroad, especially in categories such as organ transplantation, are made in our country with much more affordable and high quality. Health tourism, thermal health tourism and disabled and elderly tourism can be collected under the title of health tourism.