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Turkey as a leader in hair transplantation

The hair transplantation procedure started in Japan in 1939, World war II had consequences on these techniques to widespread on the rest of the world. In the 1950s in New York dermatology doctor Orentreich started hair transplantation procedures but in contrast to the 2000s this procedure had quite unnatural results. In 1988 in Japan, Dr. Masumi Inaba invented a 1mm punch for hair transplantation that is the origin of today's FUE technique.

In Turkey since 1990s hair transplantation procedures was performed by surgeons with FUT and FUE techniques. Androgenic alopecia is quite spread hair loss cause that affects both men and women. Turkey since 1990’s been quite fast developed hair transplantation sector. Many surgeons had certifications and special education on dermatology, histology, and stem cell effect on hair growth.

Today more than 500.000 patients from abroad come to Turkey for touristic and hair transplantation purposes in a year. Patients come from U.S, South America, Brazil, European Countries, Russia, and CIS countries. The reason to come for this procedure depends on quality, the quantity of procedure which means the experience of specialists and all-inclusive medical tourism services.

Istanbul is a pearl of Turkey, historical background, culture, Roman Empire, and Ottoman Empire architectural legacy within modern infrastructural medical facilities makes Turkey one of the leading countries among Europe, India, the Middle East in the medical sector. Tourists that come to Istanbul often see bandaged heads and advertisements for hair transplantation. It is true, numbers of hair transplantation clinics are only in Istanbul above 300, and this number reflecting the demand.

When we come to reasons for Hair transplantation in Turkey, it is obvious, a number of highly specialized doctors with international accreditation by ISHRS society, JCI accredited hospitals where procedures are done, and costs. For example, hair transplantation procedures in the USA is around 10.000 $, in the UK hair transplantation is up to 15.000 pounds, in European countries up to 5.000 euros. In Turkey if you would like to do a hair transplantation procedure, you would give out of pocket only 2.000 euros and would get an airport transfer, interpreter, 5-star hotel all included.

People who require to do hair transplantation with high success rates in a good clinic by good doctor research on the internet, there are a huge amount of choices and here we going to give you some bits of advice on that.

Firstly, among hair transplantation procedure providers, not all facilitators have a Medical Tourism Certificate approved by the Ministry of Health which is means, they may not work under government standards.

Secondly, when you found medical tourism agency to provide you all-inclusive hair transplantation package, check the prices, average costs would depend on hair graft number and side services quality such as accommodation and clinic options.

Thirdly, hair transplantation specialists should be accredited by international ISHRS society, which is mean that specialist is professional and working with international standards and with innovative methods.

Among accredited medical tourism agencies, Medical Tourism Services with accreditation of Turkish Health Ministry provides hair transplantation packages by working with an accredited specialist who has international work experience in Japan and education in the U.S. With more than 10 years of work, performed thousands of hair transplantation procedures. MTS with its 30 years of working experience in the tourism sector and integrated medical assistance services built leading opportunities for tourists who require hair transplantation service with world standards.

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