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Traveling Abroad for Medical Tourism

Many patients want to participate in medical tourism because the procedures they want are carried out in other countries, often at a lower cost, without delay or inconvenience, and without being put on a waiting list. Medical tourists’ care can be elective procedures necessary for standard care or treatments that are not approved or prohibited in their home systems. Many doctors recommend finding providers in other countries, with Turkey, Germany, and Mexico currently very popular for some treatments. Depending on your ailment, traveling to receive medical treatments is often a wise choice for many reasons.

People living in countries like the UK and Canada, with excellent health systems but long waiting lists for non-urgent procedures, may prefer to go abroad for faster treatment. Others travel if they cannot afford private care in their home country. Patients should consider travel insurance, flight time, and the time needed for treatment and recovery when deciding on a particular country for medical treatment. Another significant benefit is that appointments with specialists may be much easier to obtain in the land of their choice of treatment.

Several countries support the growth of medical tourism by taking initiatives such as relaxing visa procedures and introducing particular types of visas for patients seeking medical treatment in these countries. The recognization that world-renowned accreditation bodies and medical tourism organizations provide a certain level of safety and comfort for patients traveling to these countries helps increase that growth. Thus, accreditation as a competitive advantage is becoming much more significant in attracting international patients.

How to Find Quality Treatment Abroad

Currently, close to 14 million international patients travel globally for the sole purpose of receiving medical care each year. provides patients with access to the top clinics and doctors around the world. To discover where the best clinics are for you, search on for specific treatments to find practitioners from all around the world. Then you can do more research on the clinic, doctor, treatments, or procedures to determine which is best suited to meet your needs.

What is the Top Medical Tourism Destination?

Turkey for Getting Excellent Healthcare

Turkey is one of the first medical destinations many international travels consider for medical tourism due to its first-class medical services that are widely available. The unique natural landscape and well-known Turkish hospitality make it a favorite for all types of travelers. Turkey’s growing medical establishments offer an excellent opportunity for the country to become the leading provider to medical tourists as it continues to gain a much larger share in the field of international medical tourism.

Turkey has more hospitals accredited by Americans than any other country. This is the primary reason why travelers from over a hundred different countries have traveled to Turkey in the past two years for medical procedures. The country has become a vital hub serving a large geographical area.

Most medical tourists choose the cities of Istanbul and Ankara as their destinations for medical tourism not only because they have the best hospitals. These well-known international cities have been famous tourist destinations for centuries. Beyond the typical tourist attractions, medical tourists benefit from a broad range of medical options at hospitals in Turkey that are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and highly trained staff. Significantly, most hospitals have active support services offered 24 hours/7 days a week in several languages. Communicating quickly and efficiently when discussing medical issues is crucial, so it must be considered before traveling for medical treatments.

Best Hospitals in Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has made incredible developments in the healthcare system for both its citizens and foreign people. Determining which is the best hospital can be complicated and challenging. Because many hospitals in Turkey offering high-quality medical treatments with round-the-clock availability of doctors and medical services, some research will be necessary before deciding on the right hospital. Many private hospitals also may provide the highest comfortable environment for their patients and additional amenities, such as VIP airport services and hotels. However, both private and public hospitals provide advanced medical services and the latest technological devices.

The following is a list of some of the most often chosen hospitals in Turkey:

Acıbadem Hospital Taksim

American Hospital

Koç University Hospital

Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital

İstinye University Hospital

Avrupa Florence Nightingale Hospital

Eylul University Hospital Inciralti

Medical Treatments in Turkey

Turkey is a top-rated destination for medical tourism. Many patients around the world highly prefer receiving some medical procedures in Turkey. Some of the most popular procedures that international travelers are seeking include the following;

Hair Transplants

Eye Surgery

Dental Treatment

Plastic Surgery

In conclusion, international travelers interested in medical tourism will find they have many options available globally. To find the best choices, having the specifics on what type of treatment you are seeking, the time it takes to be treated and recover from procedures, and the ease of traveling to and from your desired destination can be as important as finding the right clinic or doctor. So take your time and do all the necessary research to ensure you are making the correct choice before you begin making all the necessary booking arrangements.


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