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New Trends in Fertility Treatment in Turkey

Turkey has been rapidly evolving in the medical industry. It always came up with new trends that help people in various in fertility treatments. Undoubtedly, the scope and scale of medical tourism in Turkey have expanded over the last few years. The country has become a crucial player in the industry due to high comparative costs and better service quality. A few trends in infertility treatment are gaining popularity nowadays. As more couples prefer IVF for conceiving, Turkey is coming up with more new trends in infertility treatment. In this article, we will read about IVF in Turkey and the new trends. So, let’s get started.

IVF Treatment in Turkey

Turkey has introduced new treatment options for women over 40. Besides this, there has been a rise in fertility preservation as well. Medical tourism provides a viable opportunity and natural fertility treatments such as minimally invasive IVF and natural cycle IVF. Moreover, the future of infertility treatment in Turkey holds several promises. With the expansion of medical tourism in Turkey, policymakers seek it as a crucial growth sector. That is why several medical tourists are arriving in Turkey rapidly.

In providing in-vitro fertilization treatment, Turkey has a major comparative advantage. Cost and quality seem to be the most important factors influencing global demand for medical care for in fertility. Therefore, Turkey has become a significant player in the medical tourism market as it uses highly specialized medical services as a catalyst.

Minimal Invasive IVF

Some couples and individuals wish to restrict the number of hormone drugs required for standard IVF, despite advances in safe reproductive medicine. Moreover, two solutions are becoming increasingly popular for those who feel this way. Natural cycle IVF is appropriate for some patients, particularly those for whom standard IVF was unsuccessful and produced relatively few eggs. Because this procedure does not rely on ovary stimulating medicines, some associated costs and adverse effects are minimized. The egg collection technique is shorter, and you will require less monitoring, resulting in fewer clinic visits.

Besides this, minimally invasive IVF is as same as natural cycle IVF in that it depends on the natural ovulation of the body. This IVF procedure uses low-dose hormones that help in natural ovulation, as well as a trigger injection of HCG matures the egg.

Even though Turkey promotes itself as a leading IVF treatment destination, not all women are welcome. IVF treatment is only for married women, which requires the couple’s own sperm and eggs. Unmarried women or gays cannot legally have the surgery performed, and surrogacy is prohibited. In Turkey, egg freezing is only permitted under the following conditions:

-Cancer patients

-Women with reduced ovarian reserve

-Women with a family history of early ovarian failure

Affordable Fertility Treatment Cost in Turkey

In comparison to other European nations, the Turkey law is fairly rigorous in terms of who is authorized to be treated and which treatments are permitted. There is no legal age limit for treatment, but because donor eggs or embryos are not available, only a woman’s own eggs can utilize in treatment. As a result, many best IVF clinics in Turkey will not treat women above 46. In Turkey, the average cost of IVF therapy is $2,500.

The Best IVF Clinics in Turkey

Turkey houses many IVF clinics that use state-of-art technology in IVF. Most of these clinics are in Istanbul. As Istanbul prepares to become one of the world’s most popular medical treatment destinations, various hospitals and clinics have expanded their offerings.

Medical Park Group, Istanbul

Medipol University Hospital, İstanbul

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, Istanbul

Acibadem Hospitals Group

LIV Hospital, Istanbul

Florence Nightingale Hospital, İstanbul

American Hospital, Istanbul

Memorial Hospitals Group, İstanbul

Medicana International Istanbul

KOC University Hospital, Istanbul

Every year, many people travel to Turkey to receive IVF treatment or other forms of assisted reproductive technology. Patients benefit from affordable packages and great success rates at internationally approved hospitals and reproductive clinics with highly qualified IVF doctors.

Certainly, as medical tourism for IVF, Turkey keeps on advancing its technologies, and therefore many people visit the country for treatment. If you are looking for the best IVF clinics in Turkey that follow technological advancement, Lyfboat can help! The platform has listed information on top hospitals, doctors, and packages that make your search for IVF in Turkey easier.



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