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More than 4,500 newborns regained congenital heart defects in Turkey

Each year according to collected data, 1% of the newborn have congenital heart diseases. In Turkey, around 6.000 patients each year need heart surgery for different congenital heart diseases. Several factors may cause congenital heart defects, these causes are consanguineous marriage, infections, radiation or X-ray influence during pregnancy or unconsciousness drug usage, or alcohol usage.

Pediatric patients who gone under pediatric heart surgery nearly to 90% continue normal or parallel to normal life quality. Most seen congenital heart disease in the world is Ventricular Septal Defect.

Newborns with VSD diagnosis after pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon consultation within ECG analysis confirmation of VSD disease taken to surgery before 1 year old. The surgical mortality risk is under 3%. More risky patients mostly have more than one VSD clinical sign and side lung problems.

Congenital diseases must be treated by the consilium of pediatric cardiologist and pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, timing is very important in congenital heart defects, confirmation of disease, planning of surgery and post-surgical period must be held in specialized cardiology centers with trained specialized doctors.

In Turkey, newborns are successfully treated in cardiology centers in pediatric cardiology departments equipped with necessary blood circulation systems that do not affect brain activities. The success rate is high, more patients come from European countries for such special surgeries to Turkey.

Families must be well research and take help from medical tourism assistance companies to find specialized doctors and facilities for treating congenital heart defects. Costs of surgeries are lower than in European and U.S countries where such surgeries costs can rise to 80.000 U.S dollars.


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