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Medical visa to Turkey, how to get it?

Turkey signed a new protocol to issue a medical visa within 48 hours. Turkish Foreign Issues Ministry and Services Export Association start to cooperate to allow patients and accompany to receive medical visas which will be showing the application through HIB (Service Export Assoc.) would be able to get the visa without waiting long times.

The process of the structure continues since protocol signed HIB working on the process with Turkish Foreign Ministry. The service will start in the shortest time, Turkey aims to improve the system of accepting foreign patients to receive innovative and affordable medical treatment services. For now, international patients who would like to travel to Turkey and receive any kind of healthcare services could do their application online by visiting and by application to Consulate General of the Turkish Republic in their countries.

A large number of people travel to Turkey to receive aesthetic, infertility, obesity, orthopedic, and vision correction treatment services which are provided with complete packages, where patients who send the application to medical tourism services agencies, hospitals can receive each of the necessary services all-in-one, and not worry about a medical invitation, supportive documents and assistance in Turkey and during visa application. High professional doctors and JCI accredited clinics would satisfy patients with safe, comfortable, and comprehensive solutions during staying in historically enriched Istanbul or having holiday vacations in Mediterranean or Aegean regions with additional medical services.

What kind of visas is available for international visitors?

Patients and tourists who are interested to have a medical visa to stay longer via will have their treatment and discover the city, Turkish Embassy provides medical visas based on required documents which will be listed below, for 30 to 90 days within 180 day period. In case of expiration of the visa, the person can apply to the foreign ministry of immigration office to extend the visa or receive a residence permit.

These are the types of documents you need for medical visa application:

1- Biometric photos 5x7 cm with white background, photographs should not be used in any Turkish visa application before.

2- An original passport that is valid for at least 6 months

3- At least 2 blank pages for visa issuance

4- Copies of current and old passports

5- Bank statement or proof of the financial statement

6- Confirmation of Hotel reservation

7- Confirmation of return ticket showing travel itinerary

8- Medical and travel insurance

10- Medical treatment invitation letter from the Republic of Turkey accredited official medical tourism agencies or hospitals that have medical tourism accreditations.

A relevant medical report would be a good supportive document that you referred to go abroad for medical treatment, major or elective.

All applications for the medical visa must be done by the Pre-Application System of Turkish Sticker Visa, all of the required documents should be uploaded to the system to receive an invitation to the consulate to make an application to the nearest Turkish Embassy. Patients could go directly to the Turkish Embassy for the application if they can not reach the pre-application platform.

Another option is to receive an e-visa which is a pretty simplified choice for people, based on required documents, persons fill the application form, upload documents, and do their payments. When the application and payment are received by the e-visa platform, the e-visa download link is available, and there is no need to go to the Turkish Consulate. Not everyone is eligible to do an application for an e-visa, on the website there are seated criteria where you can check if you are the eligible person or not for an electronic visa.

Before making any application for the visa, please keep in mind that a regular visa is non-refundable. Since there might be delays in processing the visa, it is recommended to plan your application 1 month before your visit to Turkey. Medical insurance would give you additional support in case of emergency or covid illness.

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