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Minimally invasive cardiovascular treatments performed in Turkey

Abdominal aorta aneurysm repair is a minimally invasive procedure where through small groin incisions inserted special grafts in angioplasty laboratory or operating room by using special X-rays. Not all patients are suitable for this type of procedure. Moreover, specialized and experienced physicians must perform surgery for the patient to get successful results. The patient often travels to other countries to find cardiovascular specialists experienced in minimally invasive methods.

Prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak is one of the advanced cardiovascular surgeons who specialized in minimally invasive heart and vascular treatment methods. Dr. Barış performs minimally invasive heart and endoscopic vascular surgeries including PCI, EVAR, and MIDCAB. MIDCAB surgery is a minimally invasive method for bypass surgery that is not performed in every Cardiovascular Centers in the world. MIDCAB is an alternative for conventional CABG with no need for sternotomy with a small incision up to 5-6 cm on the left side called side thoracotomy.

According to research and last developments in cardiovascular surgeries, MIDCAB Bypass method called ‘Mini Bypass’ by Prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak is used in multivessel bypass surgeries with high success rates and recovery periods.

Patient’s story of EVAR surgery in Istanbul

On 27 November 2021, 69 years old patient named Anatoliy Kim from Uzbekistan traveled to Turkey for treat an abdominal aorta aneurysm. Endoscopic aortic procedures and patient selection require professionalism and experience, Dr. Barış performs more than 30 EVAR surgeries a year with a higher than 90% success rate. These significant achievements in the cardiovascular field make Anatoliy choose Turkey to have EVAR treatment. After an online consultation, Anatoliy and his family made their decision upon sincere consultation and Dr. Barış Çaynak answered all questions of family.

The medical trip started with all necessary arrangements in which were accredited by the Ministry of Health Medical Tourism Services helped to organize all necessary processes and assisted patients. Treatment was held in one of A-class hospitals in Istanbul. The procedure took only a few hours afterward patient had taken to the service room where he had to rest. The operation was successfully done with the assistance of more than one specialized physician during the procedure. After the first night, the doctor removed the urinary catheter, and the patient start to sit and walking. Two small incisions and minimally invasive procedures lead a patient to recover and discharge from the hospital on 4th day.

Patient discharged from hospital on 4th day. Anatoliy Kim and his son Stanislav are happy and thankful to Prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak for the successful operation and all the other support. Prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak with cooperating with Medical Tourism Services accepts many foreign patients across the world.


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