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Medical Tourism Services as a hub for international tourists

For sure global pandemic in the world is the main concern overall, despite this global Covid-19 situation, many patients had certain challenges in receiving their treatments, especially chronic illness, and oncology patients. Nevertheless, vaccination jabs, national vaccines helped to take control over the pandemic, Turkey started a healthy tourism certificate program to keep safe the main touristic and historic areas for safe tourism, which will affect medical tourism in the same effective direction.

Let's take a look at the perspective of international patients who would like to visit Turkey and combine the leisure touristic activity in most popular areas such as Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye. There is a citation of Istanbul’s Four Seasons hotel, general manager Tarek Mourad said ‘Healthy Tourism Certificate would help reassure visitors, adding Turkey’s robust healthcare infrastructure, major new airport, and far-reaching flag carrier Turkish Airlines were also assets.

If you put all these together we create a better chance for Turkey to recover faster’ this citation was published on one of Reuters publishing in 2020. Now 20 million tourists visited Turkey in 2021, 10 months period. International visitors started looking not only to beach and luxury hotels but more healthy options of travel as well.

Medical Tourism Services, is one of few accredited medical tourism agencies that prepared not only fully integrated medical packages, but customized packages for tourists who would like to have a vacation and get medical diagnostic, or minor medical procedures such as easy facial or body aesthetic or cosmetic procedures. Turkey is well known for hair transplantation procedures as well, in this site we are cooperating with ISHRS certified doctors to help patients who would like to discover historical sites of Istanbul and have a procedure with a high class of services as this procedure only takes 3 days and visitors can benefit from our touristic packages as well.

The main concern is most of the time is to find board-certified doctors, receive full services and side services in one place, based on research, a lot of people does self researches based on feedback and checking the web pages. This is a highly challenging and time-consuming process, many patients want to escape middle agencies and find direct solutions by contacting directly to healthcare providers, of course, there are some plus and minuses here. Let’s start with good points, now almost every healthcare provider has English, Russian, Arabic websites, and patient departments that accept patients' reports and provide their services. Patients receive official paychecks and directly fly to the country of destination.

Overview of Medical Tourism Services working areas

Let’s overview medical tourism agency benefits for international patients and visitors who plan to come to Turkey. We bring together the most valuable services that in general requested by patients and physicians who would like to come to Turkey for education and specialization in internationally accredited educational centers.

From the patient’s side we provide a work based on an established network of trusted and board-certified physicians, preparing medical programs with consideration of patient’s budget, requirements and share with the patient's complete services starting with welcoming them to the airport, accommodation arrangement and medical coordination process with follow back services free of charge. It must be said that our partners abroad give a way for patients to have their checking with our partner hospitals and physicians in their countries. Secondly, most of the programs that patients receive care in the frame of accepted costs in the healthcare market, for people who think that they will save their funds, unfortunately, it is not always true.

To find a specialized doctor, department in the certain branch of leading hospital groups our team working with intense attention to providing the specialist who going to provide the most innovative and internationally accepted treatment. In the direction of thermal sources, SPA, and rehabilitation, per visitor, programs provided individualized with the touch of professionalism based on medical reports and requirements and expectations of the wellness journey. Starting with Thermal source, the facility itself, massages and physic therapies, yoga, and pilates are all available within nutrition programs in accredited and awarded centers. Bringing all together to satisfy the patients, provide for them a good choice for their concern is our job and area of services, that is why rely on certified medical services provided to get the personalized approach of healthcare.

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