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International medical training in Turkey

Recently group of Iranian doctors came for the training that was made on replacement of heart valve. The City Training and Research Hospital in the province of Adana, with eight of professional cardiology specialists who works in university, private and public hospitals received training on valve replacement by entering through the groin.

The Iranian doctors, had theoretical and practical education, attended to live cases during the training, In the statement, Ibrahim Halil Kurt, Head of the hospital’s Cardiology Department informed doctors during the conference in Iran, where as doctors came at Adana at their own request.

In Iran unfortunately there are lack of necessary technological opportunities, but the country have really experienced and knowledgeable doctors. Iranian doctors wanted to receive training from Turkish doctors and see heart valve replacement practices by entering in the details, and learn about technologies they use. Turkish cardiology specialists shared their knowledge in 3 days of program scheduled for Iranian cardiology specialists, and watched four surgeries live.

In Turkey, most of innovative cardiovascular surgical approaches held by internationally experienced professionals, and patients can receive medical tourism services in Turkey to receive necessary cardiological treatment with innovational minimally invasive methods much more affordable.


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