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Influencer marketing takes place in Medical Tourism in Turkey

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Branding plays a high role in a wide range of business and services activities including medical tourism. Qualified medical services and efficient branding make an impact on inbound international patient travel and awareness of healthcare opportunities. It is important for a brand to reflect uniqueness, services, values, and its message. Turkey has a good medical tourism destination brand with its developed medical management infrastructure, highly skilled physicians, internationally standardized hospitals, and medical tourism services for international patients.

Turkey’s location in Eurasia makes it a preferred destination for healthcare travel especially for European, Balkan, Middle East, North Africa, and Asian countries. Most countries do not need a visa, even if does, there are no big challenges to getting the visa for medical tourists. Right strategies to find the most suitable medical and wellness travel options for international patients are extremely important points. Many healthcare and wellness providers with their unique approaches and treatments reach the patients by medical tourism agencies and their ambassadors or with an affiliation of social media creators who have a great chance to be in touch with their audience on healthcare and medical tourism topics.

Influencer marketing is a new way of micro and macro marketing with niche followers with a huge informational flow in the 21st century. Furthermore, marketers and brands use social media plat-forms with up to 90% across the world. Influencers and bloggers have an enormous impact on services, products, brand awareness, and company values. Some famous doctors use their social media in a very productive way and get in touch with their followers with health tips, recommendations, and opinions. Not only do doctors become social content creators but lifestyle bloggers, sportsmen, active people, and social influencers are also part of a strong voice that people trust. There is a great example of a famous American TV speaker who has raised awareness about breast cancer with #Notonetype campaign with a non-commercial fund and medical organization.

Communication is one of the main factors within the trust that is built by strong ideals and messages behind the social creations posts. There is a way to create a meeting point for healthcare seekers and social media creators within the frame of healthcare solutions for people and qualified partner-ship and teamwork. In 2020, 43% of companies decided to create a partnership with social media creators and followed to cooperate with them at least for one year more. This collaboration means that the medical tourism sector can take further steps to have a combination of growth in sharing values, health awareness, and the partnership with social media creators and ambassadors.

Medical tourism affiliation programs help to share knowledge of innovations in medicine, wellness, and new technological medicine. Social content creators who are interested in medical tourism have a great chance to be a part of healthy life advocates for their niche audiences and create an organic interaction with their followers. Ambassadors and influencers who are involved in health will catch the opportunity of being a part of globally growing medical tourism sector within huge opportunities of being participated in human lives, to have valuable content, and to have a part of the creation of social projects and campaigns that is possible with medical tourism affiliation programs.


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