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Hair transplants in Turkey - medical tourism’s growth industry

Thousands of British patients are realising that hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer an amazing combination of high-quality hair transplants and affordable prices.

The growing hair transplant surgery industry in Turkey is the most remarkable development in medical tourism of the past few years.

A unique combination of concentration of expertise and competition between clinics has led to hair clinics in Istanbul pioneering some of the best hair restoration methods around.

At the same time, as many British customers are discovering, a hair transplant in Turkey costs a fraction of the level seen in richer countries such as the UK.

A usual cost per hair graft in the UK is around £3, so an operation of around 3,500 grafts – a standard hair transplant – will cost something in the region of £10,500.

Patients with advanced hair loss may need a higher number of grafts, around 5,550 hair grafts. Sometimes even more is necessary for a good result. Thus, the total price may end up approaching or even exceeding the £20,000 mark.

At Cosmedica, one of the most well established hair transplant clinics in Turkey, a 3,500 graft Sapphire FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) operation costs as little as £1,800. This rises to £3,350 for a VIP package with the most modern technique, Micro Sapphire DHI (Direct Hair Implantation).

There is a fixed supplement (around £600) for extremely long operations with up to 5,550 hair grafts. That still leaves the total price at well under £5,000.

Given the advanced technologies used and the other benefits offered, it is no wonder that an increasing number of British patients are taking advantage of what Istanbul hair clinics have to offer.

Unlike in the UK, these prices are fixed price packages including hotel accommodation, transport, aftercare, and many other features. Many patients take advantage of the packages on offer and combine their surgery with a mini-break in Istanbul, one of the world’s great historical cities.

Quality not quantity

There are now hundreds of hair clinics in Turkey. The bottom end of the market caters to those for whom price is the most important factor. The more exclusive clinics in Istanbul compete with the best in the world on quality.

Inevitably, there has been some pushback against Turkey’s hair transplant success from clinics in traditional markets such as the UK and USA.

Some British media have reported scare stories about people’s bad experiences with hair transplants in Istanbul. Without question, there are clinics in Turkey whose standards of care fall below what patients should demand.

However, this is the case for clinics everywhere. A good hair clinic is a good hair clinic, no matter where it is based.

Turkish clinics are subject to the same safety standards as those in the UK. This is because Turkey is applying to join the European Union, whose medical standards are the same as those in the UK. An important part of the application process is the adoption of best practice medical procedures.

Reputable clinics such as Cosmedica offer a no-commitment, free consultation before asking patients to commit to surgery. A good clinic will never pressure patients into treatment they do not need.

Different methods of hair surgery in Turkey

The FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most widespread hair transplant technique across the world. It has been refined in Turkey with the use of sapphire operating tools which allow for finer incisions, faster healing, and less hair root damage.

In FUE hair transplants, the surgeon removes individual hair grafts from the donor area at the back of the head. The surgeon transplants these grafts into the area which has lost its hair.

This gives a great looking final result, and a permanent solution to hair loss.

Hair Transplant Turkey Costs – what are the other factors?

As much a part of the total hair transplant Turkey cost equation are other expenses such as travel, accommodation, and aftercare.

These include luxury hotel stays, aftercare (such as the first hair washing after the operation), VIP transfer from the airport and hotel, and a personalised consultation.

Travel to Turkey is not included, but as Istanbul Airport is one of Europe’s best connected, this is rarely an issue.

Most patients combine their treatment with a short break in Istanbul. With an incomparable historical and architectural heritage, it is one of the world’s great historical cities.

Why are hair transplants so much cheaper in Turkey?

Hair transplant services in Turkey are such good value because clinics there have much lower overheads. This includes tax, rent and utility costs. Even world class clinics have much lower overheads than in the UK.

A rule of thumb is that when all costs are accounted for, an affordable hair transplant in Turkey costs only about half as much as in the UK. When combined with the world class standards in the best Turkish clinics, it becomes clear why hair transplants and Istanbul are rapidly becoming synonymous.


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