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Growing medical tourism start to create new collaborations!

Medical tourism is an old habit for communities since thermal source in ancient Greece was a curing source for board empires. Since ancient times, both thermal treatments and medical treatments integrated with scientifically approved technologies and professional approaches started the first trend to travel for healthcare to developed countries such as U.S and Germany.

Since medical technologies developed and spread across the globe, many developing countries could provide the same quality world standard healthcare solutions for people who looking for quality, innovative and accredited treatments. These trends, however, have a great impact to keep countries such as Turkey following best practices and investing in medical education. JCI accredited hospitals and international standards on management, safety, and treatment approach are visible in many countries. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion of a more individualized treatment approach with the accredited, unique, and credential options that arise for patients who looks to be treated by leading medical physicians.

In this scope, we can say that A-class hospitals are only one part of medical tourism that patients who settled and live abroad looking for. The other main factors are professionalism of finding the best possible healthcare solutions and combining with the suitable and comfortable organization of medical travel. There is another question of delivery of top-tier medical solutions, certified and unique specialists with complete services for the patients. Classical advertisements may not be the rightest way to do it. There are a lot of advertisements of non-accredited, unprofessional, and unorganized programs which is mainly catching people who looking for low costs no matter how the treatment outcomes will be.

Here, we can say that there is a new niche of providing and receiving services through medical tourism agencies and ambassadors. There is a two-way direction of sharing trusted information for the patients who are seekers of healthcare to receive advice, free consultancy, and feedback on the social platforms that will be soon replaced many channels and change the direction of marketing at all. To find the thin line between a good brand, cost-efficiency, and professionalism, healthcare ambassadors would provide highly qualified information of accredited and trusted healthcare facilitators and providers, with the sharing of experience of their own and the patients of their communities.

Medical Tourism Services started an affiliation program for the people who would like to be the voice of medical services and raise interaction of people to find the best possible medical treatment abroad.


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