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Digital Era in Dentistry keeps patients to come to Turkey for treatment

Technologies developing faster, in medicine, robotic, digital, and AI technologies integration is a new way of dental treatment, fast, less painful, and accurate.

Digital smile design is applied to patients by calculating and take into account the patient’s face shape, smile, the shape of teeth, and amount of gum appearing while the patient smiling. As well the shape of lips and face measurement is done with digital involvement.

Dentists by using programming and designer skill do exact the fittest shape of your teeth, patients could see the result even before the treatment. This provides a good perspective to know how patients' teeth will be looks after the treatment and discuss some aesthetic points with the dentist.

After completion of the design of future teeth shape, the dentist forms a model and by using specified bonding liquid and this procedure could be completed just in few sessions. Implant, inlay, onlay, bridge, and laminate treatments could be applied to the patient regarding the necessary.

Timing is radically reduced, patients, especially from other countries such as England, Germany, France, Holland, China comes to Turkey for fast and complete dental treatment which takes only a few days in total while costs are significantly lower than in European countries.

Cad/Cam technology provides a faster creation of crowns, bridges, and laminates for patients which reduces the amount of time that patients spend in a dentist chair. This technology is used within digital smile design as well. Patients who require crowns, inlays, or laminates could receive whole treatment without waiting for the laboratory to do the design job manually.

This is significantly attracting more people to go abroad for dental treatment. Turkey is one of the leading countries for dental tourism. Costs are low, geolocation is closed to Euroasia, European countries, and Middle East/Arabic countries. Short treatment times, internationally accredited clinics, all-inclusive transportation, interpreter, assistance, and accommodation services available while you contact with international tourism accredited medical tourism agency.


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