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Benefits of Medical Tourism in Turkey

Do you ever wonder why medical tourism is suddenly the new black and stealing the spotlight from cultural tourism? Medical tourism is booming, and people from all over the world have started traveling overseas for medical care in another country.

Around 8 million patients each year in fact!

Of those 8 million people who travel for medical treatment, 700,000 alone travel to Turkey; an industry that earned the country a whopping $1.5 billion in 2018.

Turkey is a popular destination among tourists generally, and many European and American-trained doctors have taken up residence here, which appeals to medical tourists from these regions.

It has the most American-accredited hospitals of any other country, and with affordable healthcare, it is estimated that 32% of Turkey’s patients are medical tourists.

So, if you’re thinking of traveling for medical, what are the benefits of specifically choosing Turkey?

Medical tourism is a sector of tourism where patients travel abroad to seek medical help at lower prices and contradicting quality.

Much of the time it comes down to procedures being substantially cheaper overseas, or not being able to find the right treatment at home. And traveling to another country for treatment often means being able to avoid long waiting lists for elective procedures.

Some medical tourists are immigrants who return to their home country for care, and others travel simply so they can avoid questions from family and friends (having the people of Thailand see the bandages from your nose job isn’t quite as bad as walking down the street at home).

While a great portion of patients seeking professional help do it for health issues, the vast majority actually jump on the hype of medical tourism for affordable cosmetic surgery, given that these procedures are rarely ever covered by health insurance in Western countries.

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