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Antalya attracts medical tourists from all over the world

Leisure tourism may well be Antalya’s greatest attraction, but there is another reason why people from around the globe make a beeline for Turkey’s famous Mediterranean resort city - medical tourism. With its pristine breaches and natural beauty, rich history, and modern facilities, Antalya remains Turkey’s undisputed tourism capital, drawing millions of visitor every year.

The city also boasts high-quality medical infrastructure, including top doctors and state-of-art health facilities. Hospitals in Antalya offer treatment in all areas, including major surgeries and organ transplants, dental care, hair transplants, and cosmetic surgeries.

Marianella Bustamante Calancia came to Antalya from Colombia for dental issues that had been bothering her for five years despite a surgical procedure back home.

“My treatment in Turkey was quick and very effective. My pain is completely gone,” she told Anadolu Agency, praising Turkish and health staff for their professionalism.

Natalia Evrikova, a 35-year-old woman from Russia, said a friend advised her seek treatment in Turkey for a persistent dental problem.

“The operations were painless. I am leaving Turkey as a very satisfied patient,” she said.

Health tourism encompasses a wide range of treatments, from medical tourism, such as treatment and surgery in hospitals; thermal tourism, with services such as rehabilitation and rest in thermal facilities; and elderly and disabled tourism, with long-term stays with social activities in geriatric treatment centers.

Turkey ranks among the top 10 countries around the world in health tourism, while the sector is among those with the largest growth performance in a five-year projection by Forbes.

While Turkey has developed its investment portfolio within the framework of these categories, official figures reflect the interest of tourists who seek treatment in areas such as oncology, orthopedics and aesthetics in the past few years.

Health tourist choose Turkey for a variety of reasons, including price, quality, technical conditions, short waiting periods and high-end facilities.

Istanbul, the capital Ankara, southern Antalya, western Izmir, northwestern Yalova and eastern Erzurum provinces came to the fore in terms of health tourism, while Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and southwestern Muğla are at the forefront of dental health, in particular.

The country’s health tourism industry closed 2020 with approximately a 20% loss, after being valued at around 3 billion in 2019.


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