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Advantages of hair transplant in Turkey with Estepera

The advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey are one of the important reasons for its worldwide success and turning it into a center of attraction in hair transplantation.

We can say that hair transplantation in Istanbul has become one of the aesthetic operations that many men and women from all over the world dream of, thanks to successful hair transplantation centers that can best meet the expectations of those looking for natural hair transplantation. Although the aesthetic concerns caused by hair loss are not mentioned much, baldness can complicate social life, especially in young men, preventing them from being comfortable in business life.

Okay; Why hair transplant in Turkey? In other words, what are the advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey?

We talked to Estepera Hair Clinic, one of the successful addresses of hair transplantation in Istanbul, about the advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey and their service understanding focused on patient satisfaction in hair transplantation.

Why is hair transplantation advantageous in Turkey?

We think that Turkey's worldwide success in hair transplantation is significantly related to the fact that it offers a high quality service despite affordable price policies. Because in this way, thousands of people chose Turkey to have hair transplantation every year, and this has created a serious market and sector. The increase in the demand for hair transplantation in Turkey has been one of the biggest motivations for our technical development in hair transplantation while trying to respond to this demand in the best way. As Estepera, we can say that the process we have experienced in the past 18 years has progressed in this way.

In fact, success fed advantages, advantages continued to support success. Therefore, Turkey still continues to be the most advantageous country in the world in hair transplantation. You can think of it as a kind of investment. Thanks to these advantages, we continue to be the most preferred country in hair transplantation.

We Use Advanced Techniques such as Sapphire FUE, DHI Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The biggest advantage of hair transplantation in Turkey seems to be low prices, but in fact, this is not the case. In our opinion, the biggest advantage of hair transplantation in Turkey is that such advanced techniques are used at these prices. In Turkey, we perform hair transplantation with advanced techniques such as Sapphire FUE and DHI (Direct Hair Transplant) at an affordable price and very successfully.

Years ago, it was not so easy to perform hair transplant for everyone. Our first and most important questions was whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation or not. The density of hair follicles at the donor area had to be good. Advanced hair transplantation techniques such as Sapphire FUE and DHI are the reason why we can make hair transplantation to almost everyone by evaluating the donor area in the best possible way today. Thanks to these techniques, we can do hair transplantation to our patients, whom we did not recommend because we thought that we would not be able to achieve satisfying results in hair transplantation until a couple of years ago. We can achieve much better results with additional treatments that nourish hair follicles before and/or after hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey Are Extremely Affordable

Hair transplant in Turkey is usually offered in the form of packages basing on the hair transplantation technique to be used. One-on-one consultation with the doctor, all blood tests, accommodation and transportation are included in the package.

In Estepera, painless anesthesia is used for all hair transplantation techniques and it is included in our package prices. There is no extra payment for drugs and other medical care products that should be taken after the operation.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey Are Low But Service Standards Are High

We welcome our patients at the airport and provide them with accommodation in the most luxurious and cleanest hotels in Istanbul. We carry out the transportation between the clinic and the hotel as VIP. We perform the first wash at the clinic free of charge and provide care products.

It is very important to rest in hygienic conditions after hair transplantation, we can say that this has become even more important after the pandemic. Hygiene is a matter of sensitivity in Turkey and it is possible to say that we have gained the trust of the world in this regard.

The sincere interest we show and the fact that patient satisfaction is our priority are also of great importance in this process, and there is no monetary reward for this. One of the advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey is the feeling of trust that this hospitality gives.

It is Possible to Achieve Natural Results in Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The biggest fear about hair transplantation is the possibility of not being suitable, more precisely, hesitations such as whether it will look natural or will it be understood that one had a hair transplant. This is a very understandable fear, because although they are uncomfortable with losing their hair, over the years people get used to the image in front of the mirror, and innovation, change, even if it looks good, can seem a little strange at first.

Our patients who see before and after hair transplant photos in Turkey are greatly relieved when they see what a natural change we have created. For us, naturalness is more important than the number of grafts transplanted. Because it is possible to transplant the same number of grafts in very different ways and to obtain different results.

One of the most important advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey is that we care about naturality in general, especially for hair transplantation. When someone asks if it will look natural, they make sure they're asking the right question. Because obtaining natural results in hair transplantation and not understanding hair transplantation as much as possible is an important criterion for us.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey is like a holiday in Istanbul

Due to the large number of successful centers serving as hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Istanbul is often the first choice of those who choose Turkey for hair transplant from all over the world.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your hair in one of the most beautiful metropolises of Europe with its deep-rooted historical and geographical features, as well as a small holiday and a little shopping?

Although it is not as much as getting their hair back and having a hair transplant, we can say that visiting Istanbul makes our guests very excited. Having a hair transplant in a city like Istanbul is not only one of the advantages of hair transplant in Turkey, but also turns Turkey into a center of attraction in hair transplant.

Patient Follow-up Continues for 1 Year After Hair Transplantation in Turkey One of the important criterias that determines the choice in hair transplant is the process after hair transplantation surgery. After the hair transplant operation, the period until the hair growth takes about a year.

In Turkey, the patient's condition is followed up during the first month after hair transplant surgery, the shock loss period occurs and then the new hair starts to grow, and he can get help whenever he needs it.

You Can Start a Brand New Era in Your Life with Hair Transplantation in Turkey

We can say that the most important advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey are the fact that hair transplantation is performed with success, naturality, painless anesthesia with an extremely high level of comfort, and the high quality standards despite the low prices.

Thanks to the advantage of hair transplantation in Turkey, thousands of people who feel bad about losing their hair and dream of regaining their old look when they look in the mirror can achieve their dreams in Turkey thanks to the advantages Turkey provides in hair transplantation.



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