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Digital dentistry

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Veneers and crowns manufactured by CAD/CAM technologies from one solid ceramic block

Dentistry uses computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing since 1985, however computer technologies developed and are now significantly fastener restoration and cosmetic dental applications. Dentists and patients can get advantages of CAD/CAM technologies with equipped dentistry clinics and get an improved smile just in a few visits.

CAD/CAM dentistry uses software that makes a possible digital impression and visualizes your teeth that make it possible to perform complex restorations in a more accurate, efficient, and faster manner that never been possible before. Dental clinics in Istanbul that use CAD/CAM technologies construct restorations like crowns, inlays, inlays, veneers, bridges, dentures, and implant restorations from a high-strength ceramic block.

Procedures start with tooth preparation by removing all decay or portions of the structurally unhealthy tooth. An optical scanner digitally captures the tooth and 3D custom imaging that used in the design, preparation and and tooth restoration processes. CAM machine by using the design shapes the crown, inlay, only, veneer or bridge from one solid ceramic block known under the brand named EMAX. After the polishing process, the dentist places permanently restored parts, and your smile is completed.

Timing of procedures

Depending on each patient case, digital restoration could take from several hours to one or two sessions and patients get their *Hollywood smile by coming to Turkey in 2-5 days in total. Cost-effectiveness makes dentistry one of the most attractive medical directions for international patients who want to take advantage of cost savings with doing medical tourism. Not every patient is available for CAD/CAM treatment, patients should ask if they are available for digital dentistry to receive highly technological and faster implications of crowns, bridges, or dentures based on teeth shape and positions.

In Turkey, there are available most requested dental treatments that start from veneer application and special price packages to full mouth and all on four applications for patients who lost their tooth in total.

Patients who are looking for dental treatment and would like to receive dental treatment program with all inclusive services can send their smile photography and X-Ray without any charges to Medical Tourism Services second opinion form claim page.


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