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Why is Turkey better?

The medical tourism industry is developing worldwide. The total cost of it is more than $100 billion a year. Most countries with advanced medicine are attractive to foreign patients, but the prices they charge are often too high. Turkey is an exception in this regard. The local hospitals offer competitive costs. The cost of diagnostic examination and treatment here is much lower than in the United States or Western Europe, but the quality of the services provided remains at the same high level. To attract medical tourists with affordable prices, the government abolished VAT for foreign patients who undergo treatment in the hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health of Turkey. Here are some of the reasons why it is worth choosing Turkish hospitals: JCI accreditation. More than fifty Turkish hospitals have the certificate of the most authoritative organization that assesses the activities of medical clinics. According to this indicator, the country leads in Europe and ranks second in the world. A JCI certificate means that the hospital uses both effective and safe treatment methods for the patient, offers well-organized work and provides comfortable conditions. Prices. Turkish hospitals provide high-quality healthcare services, but their cost is 2-3 times lower than in Western Europe, the USA or developed Asian countries. Medical facilities. Tens of billions of dollars have been invested in Turkish medicine over the past few years. Most large private clinics are aimed at foreign patients and keep the bar high. They use state-of-the-art medical technology. Infrastructure. Turkey has been developing tourism for decades. Therefore, there are large airports, a huge number of comfortable hotels, good roads and convenient transport network. Hospitality. In Turkey, foreigners never face a negative attitude from the locals. There is no racial, religious or other intolerance. Everyone understands that the country's economy largely depends on the number of tourists, and therefore you are always welcome in Turkey. Rest. In most cases, foreign patients are not constantly at the hospital. They have plenty of free time to relax in Turkey, visit local tourist sites and see the sights. Upon treatment completion, many people stay in the country to strengthen their bodies and restore strength in one of the many resorts. Saving. Turkey is not an expensive country, and therefore non-medical expenses will not be high here as well, which is especially important for patients who require long-term treatment or rehabilitation. Thus, Turkey offers ideal conditions for health tourism. That is why the number of foreign tourists who visit this country doubles every 2 years.


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