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Medical tourism in Turkey: Stay healthy while traveling

Self-refinement while traveling is now one of the things that attracts tourists to Turkey where innovative health care services make the country the best option for hair transplants, eye treatments and plastic surgery

For decades, Turkey has been known for its cultural, historic and natural beauties that mesmerize tourists around the world and in recent years, medical tourism has become another reason why thousands of tourists rush to Turkey.

With developing technology in Turkey's health sector and state-of-the-art medical facilities, Turkey has turned into a medical hub for tourists from around the world in recent years. According to the latest figures, the number of tourists who visit the country for medical treatment exceeds 500,000, according to the latest figures. Realizing the potential for health tourism, medical centers and hospitals have become a suitable choice for tourists seeking treatment options from facilities offering good accommodations, the best drugs and much more.

Along with the U.S. and Germany, Turkey is among the top 10 destinations for medical tourism. Turks offers competitive treatment options for aesthetic treatments, eye surgery and treatment of various other diseases. Tourists often prefer to get plastic surgery here, as well as hair transplants and various other treatments, while enjoying travels in Turkey where they discover the natural and cultural richness of the country at the same time.

There are more than 1,200 state and private hospitals operated by the Turkish Ministry of Health and these hospitals have local and international health certification. Apart from those hospitals, medical centers serving specifically your specific needs have offices worldwide.

As in all corners of the world, medical centers that operate illegally without the proper certification do exist so it is important to thoroughly research the medical facilities you choose prior to going in for treatment.

Trending medical treatments in Turkey:

Dental Treatment

For both medical and aesthetic reasons, dental treatments are very popular in Turkey. Locals and tourists alike generally prefer to be treated at private dental centers rather than hospitals since procedures are done more quickly in the centers. The reason why many come to Turkey for this is mainly because the prices are much more affordable than Western countries.

I suggest that you visit Dentistanbul for dental treatment: Dentistanbul, a chain of dental hospitals in the city.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is classified among the top three medical treatments that many tourists come to Turkey for. Turkish medical doctors in the field are considered some of the best doctors in Europe. From simple nose jobs to detailed procedures, Turkish aesthetic doctors work miracles. Aftercare and patient privacy are also other reasons why many tourists choose Turkey to undergo plastic surgery.

I recommend Estetik International which has branches in Bursa, İzmir, Istanbul and Ankara.

Eye Surgery

Eye surgery and cataract surgery are considered among the most expensive health services around the world. Compared to many countries, Turkey offers high quality eye treatment at affordable prices. There are hundreds of eye treatment centers across the country offering treatment packages from well-educated and high-profile doctors specializing in optometry. Tourists who arrive in the country for a short holiday can quickly have eye surgery and go back to their countries with high quality vision.

I suggest Dünyagöz for eye treatment as it has many branches across the country. The top three branches with the best care are located in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa.

Hair Transplants

Now, we come to the most popular type of health tourism in Turkey. Istanbul has become a hub for males who would like to get a head with full of hair. You can see hundreds of tourists who have received hair transplant surgery on Istanbul's streets. There are many private centers that provide hair transplant service at an affordable price while giving you service such as private chauffeured limousine transfer from the airport and many other services.

I suggest the Clinicana Hair Transplant facilities which offer a 24-hour follow-up service.

Spa Treatment

Spending a holiday at natural thermal springs - known as "kaplıca" in Turkish - is gaining popularity for both local tourists and people from abroad; especially Arab countries. Many believe these thermal springs have healing properties, which is why the elderly are particularly attracted to them. Turkey's western cities are popular for spa and thermal treatment for people of all ages.

I suggest the Thermalium Wellness Park Hotel & Spa is located in the Uvezpinar district in Termal/Yalova with one main hotel building and three separate villas.

Why is Turkey a popular destination for health tourism?

l No need to wait for days: In some Western countries you have to wait for days even for a simple treatment, but with increasing numbers of private hospitals and medical centers, you do not have to wait in Turkey. Priority is given to your health instead of the doctor's timetable.

l Affordable prices: Another reasons behind many people choose Turkey for medical treatment is affordable prices. Even though the quality is same, the prices are more affordable than the Western countries.

l High quality: In many countries other than Turkey, the quality of healthcare has not been developed. Turkey, in recent years, has taken big steps in health services and many Turkish people have stopped travelling to other countries for treatment and many foreigners started coming to Turkey.

What does medical sector say about the increasing health tourism in Turkey?

Emin Çakmak, the president of Turkey's Health Tourism Development Council, said the number of healthcare tourists visiting Turkey reached 746,000 and the revenue they brought in reached $5.8 billion in 2015. A total of 60 percent of these tourists came from the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region; 20 percent from Central Asian republics and the remaining 20 percent from Europe and other countries. He said the sector expects a 15 percent rise in the number of healthcare tourists this year.

An aesthetician working in a plastic surgery and spa treatment center in Istanbul's Nişantaşı district, Mrs. Nurcan, said the number of tourists coming for medical aesthetic services is increasing by the day. "Many are coming for botox and lip reconstruction as these services are both easy to complete and have cheaper prices compared to other countries. We also have regular patients who come twice each year for medical aesthetic services."

A plastic surgery nurse in Istanbul's popular hospital Florence Nightingale said tourists generally prefer easy plastic surgery services as they would like to continue their holidays with no side effects while maintaining the perfect shape they would like to see on their bodies.

What do tourists think about health tourism in Turkey?

Thirty-eight-year-old Ammar Kamel from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), arrived in Turkey for hair transplants. Speaking to Daily Sabah, Kamel said the reason he chose Turkey for his hair transplant is the high quality of service. "They provided me with accommodations, airport transfer and many other things. They called me for postop care. Many of my friends came Turkey for hair transplants, that is why I chose to come here as well." An Arab woman who did not want to give her name said she came to Turkey twice for medical aesthetic and spa treatment. "I take care of myself and I would like to stay young. Twice a year I come for thermal hotels in Turkey since it gives me youth. I also came for some medical aesthetic services. The reason I choose Turkey is because of the quality of doctors."

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