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What Turkey can offer in the international field of cancer treatment ?

Turkey has modern facilities equipped with high-end technologies, specialised oncologists working in private practice or hospitals have international fellowship and membership in national and international associations. Patients who prefer to have their oncological treatment with using medical tourism services in Turkey, can find narrow specialist and receive comprehensive treatment protocols using by ESMO and NCCN international oncological societies. National and international societies constantly working to develop best healthcare practices in oncology with following the latest updates in the oncological diseases treatment.

High costs or insufficient diagnosis or treatment are the main reasons to have second medical opinion and consider to receive oncological treatment abroad. Turkey is one of top 5 destinations in medical tourism, thanks to international affiliations, experienced oncology doctors and modest equipment and treatment protocols are applicable in many types of oncological diseases. Precision medicine help people first of all prevent cancer with the genetic testing, where people can re-organize nutrition habits and avoid cancerogenous foods that affect you distinctly. Molecular genetic mutations help to determine for patients a unique treatment based on immunotherapy, target therapy or most effective chemotherapy cure. There are available combinations of cancer treatments, started with robotic surgeries, radiotherapy based on AI technologic devices such as Electa HD Signature, systematic chemotherapy for control, cure and palliative cure of diseases.

Target therapy is one of the direction that allow patients to receive more dedicated and individualized treatment based on genetic and molecular testings which allow a patient to receive newest molecular drugs that help immune system to fight the cancer cells, stop cancer cells from growing, stop growing new tumor blood vessels, deliver cell killing substances to cancer cells and other effects of targeted therapy that used based on genetic mutations of tumor and consideration of all other factors that may impact treatment. Nuclear medicine is widely used for diagnostic of cancer and staging process. Radiopharmaceuticals used to be traced with 3D Gamma camera which is collecting data and integrated within CT imaging system. Nuclear medicine is using in treatment of several types of cancer included lymphoma, thyroid cancer and very rich spectrum of medical visualization on each level of organ system, bones, brain, spine, in diagnosis of Alzheimer and Parkinson and other diseases. Some of rediopharmaceuticeuticals used in treatment of adrenal gland/nerve tissue tumors in children.

Highly technological devices used in radiotherapy and radiosurgery help patients to be treated fastly, more accurate and with significant technological impact to treatment procedure and planning of radiotherapy dosage and protocol. Active breathing coordination system helps to do ionize photon fractions in a more accurate way, while new devices such as Electa Versa HD with integrated with gold standart dosage system Monte Carlo algorithm, and enhanced with 4D imaging makes possible to do faster and treat targets with out surrogate markers. Developments in medical education, global fellowship availability, international standardization in treatments in oncology makes it possible for oncologist in Turkey to precise diagnosis and deliver most innovative treatments to international patients with using of high technologies, latest developments and years of experience.

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