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What Are The Best Medical Treatments in Turkey?

In the Middle East, Turkey is undeniably the leader in medical tourism. Not only has the country invested large amounts of money into the industry, but it has also implemented a number of reforms to make the visa application process more efficient. This includes the special medical visa, which entitles holders to a 25% discount on Turkish Airlines tickets, as well as a number of other discounts at hotels and hospitals throughout the country.

As we have seen, these activities and investments have combined to make Turkey not only the most dominant medical tourism country in the area but also one of the most prosperous medical tourism destinations in the world.

And it is not just investments, monetary regulations, and discounts that have pushed Turkey to the top of the medical tourism pyramid. The world-class medical treatments that Turkish physicians have mastered are the third and last element of the puzzle. Here in this blog, we will go through all of the Best Medical Treatments in Turkey, which have earned its worldwide reputation.


By 2020, Turkey will have performed the most eye surgeries of any country on the planet. Medical tourists account for a disproportionately significant number of these eye procedures. Because ophthalmologic surgery success is directly tied to the surgeon’s personal expertise, it is regarded as one of the most difficult to master and intricate surgeries of all medical specialties.

As a result, Turkey’s ophthalmologic experience is a major distinctive selling point of the country’s medical tourism business; a selling point that takes at least an educated generation’s worth of time and money to acquire and is exceptionally rare in the world. In instance, LASIK eye surgery is one of the most popular and marketable medical tourism attractions in Turkey.

Another reason that has made the country a popular destination for international patients seeking eye surgery is the country’s extremely affordable ophthalmologic treatment expenses. In Turkey, for example, LASIK surgery costs between $1200 and $1600, whereas it costs roughly ten times as much in Europe and the United States. Turkey is one of the greatest countries for eye issue treatments because of the complementing relationship between excellent quality and inexpensive expenses.

Cardiovascular Treatments

If you were a Turkish citizen suffering from heart or coronary artery problems in the 1970s, your safest choice would have been to seek treatment in Greece or another European country. All of that has changed now. Not only are all Turkish heart patients treated at medical centres around the country, but these procedures have also become a major medical tourism selling point for Turkey in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

While Turkey is a fairly affordable destination for medical tourism, it is practically a hidden gem for cardiovascular patients. In comparison to Europe and the United States, several of the newer rising stars in the medical tourism market currently offer significantly lower costs for a number of treatments.

Turkey is much less expensive than its competitors in the cardiovascular field. A normal angiography procedure, for example, costs 13 thousand dollars in Singapore, 11 thousand dollars in India, and ten thousand dollars in Thailand; however, Turkey charges only five thousand dollars for the same surgery.

The city of Istanbul, in particular, is one of the most heavily trafficked hubs for cardiovascular treatments in all of Eurasia, with the LIV hospital and the Memorial işli Hospital, in particular, is known for their precision in this treatment and ranking among the top 30 hospitals in the world for cardiac issues.

Hair Transplant

When the subject of hair transplantation comes up, it’s unavoidable to bring up Turkey. Turkey is not only the world’s hair transplantation capital; it has virtually monopolized the medical tourism industry for hair transplantation, and it is regarded as one of the best treatments in the country. Using hair transplantation procedures in Turkey has a number of advantages.

Turkey offers hair transplant treatments at a cost that is 2-3 times less than in European countries, and even less than in some Asian competitors (such as South Korea and Thailand), and about 15 times less than in the United States.

According to the most recent data, hair transplantation costs approximately $1,600 in Turkey, $3,600 in South Korea, $3,900 in Thailand, and $4,000-$9,000 in Europe. In the United States, it might cost up to $15,000.

Turkish clinics frequently guarantee a high rate of success. The operations are frequently provided with a 98% success rate.

Turkey has extraordinarily short and in many cases non-existent, lines. Because hair transplantation is a difficult surgery, not having to wait for long periods of time is a huge advantage of traveling to Turkey for hair transplantation. Patients can begin their treatment as soon as they arrive.

Why Should you choose a Hospital in Turkey?

Cost Savings in Turkish Hospitals

In comparison to the United Kingdom or the United States, a visit to a Turkish hospital can save you 50-70% on medical expenses. You may rely on these savings without sacrificing medical service quality.

Quality of Healthcare in Turkish Hospitals

Turkey’s hospitals and clinics are well-equipped with contemporary medical equipment and healthcare.

The Turkish Ministry of Health, as well as other national and international accreditation agencies, keep a close eye on the quality of treatment and medical standards provided by these hospitals.

National and international bodies such as JCI, ISO, TMA (Turkish Medical Association), and others accredit Turkish hospitals.

Other private healthcare organizations also keep an eye on the quality of Turkish hospitals’ medical services. TAHA (Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association) is one such organization that oversees the standards of its JCI-accredited members.

Some of the best hospitals are also linked with prestigious international medical institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University in the United States. This unique combination of modern medical knowledge and Turkish hospitality is available in one location.

Doctor and Medical Staff in Turkish Hospitals

More than 35% of the workforce at the American General Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, is trained and educated in the United States and other developed western countries, according to the American General Consulate and provides Best Medical Treatments in Turkey.

Turkish doctors are highly qualified, well-trained, and have a long track record of patient safety. They can also communicate in English.

All of these factors will aid them in providing you with the finest possible care.


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