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Turkish Medical Travel and Virtual EXPO & Congress

Turkey held an online congress by TMT Expo and Congress in February 2021 by THTC for CIS countries and Russia which has shown great results in sharing Turkey's level of healthcare and treatment opportunities in various medical directions such as oncological treatment, minimally invasive surgery, cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedics.

In the last years, Turkey showed an exponential growth in healthcare tourism, governmental and private healthcare sector investments and international accreditation within high educated physicians helped 1.000.000 people to have treatment in Turkey in last year. Two years of the global pandemic has caused a vas gap in health travel and comprehensive efforts are needed to ensure plans of developing medical tourism in Turkey and starting to receive 2.000.000 patients a year by 2023.

In the pandemic era, online congresses are the most suitable way to bring together health travel players across borders and reach out to the potential market and promote the Turkish healthcare sector as one of the leading medical services in the world.

THTC is going to implement 10 global events which will open Turkish healthcare sources to 123 countries and people to be familiar with medical opportunities, technology, and high level of services and make Turkey a full circle attractive healthcare destination.

Virtual congress will connect Balkan countries, Romania, United Kingdom, Africa, Nordic countries, MEA, America, French-speaking countries, Australia and New Zealand. These events will bring worldwide recognizability and familiarity for people who live in these countries of today’s possibility of taking an innovative and high level of treatment in Turkey.


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