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Turkish Airlines Supports Medical Tourism

The medical tourism market in the world has been rapidly growing in recent years. In order to increase share of Turkish Health Care establishments in the market and support national economy, Turkish Airlines has prepared a support program for Health Care Establishments who invest in medical tourism.

The program offers special discounts and incentives for those who come to Turkey for medical treatment purposes. Protocols have already been signed with majority of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited health care establishments in Turkey.

Along with 32 JCI accredited hospitals, substantial cost advantages help Turkey become one of the most preferred countries in medical care. Turkey offers savings up to 75 to 90% comparing the treatment costs in the USA.

In addition to this, Turkish Airlines offers to those who travel to Turkey for medical treatment purposes:

In this context, the passengers -from Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Asia and Far East- visiting Turkey for their treatments who travel on Turkish Airlines will be eligible for a 50% transportation rebate following submission of required documents to the local Turkish Airlines Office in their city of origin.

Thanks to this program, guests who choose Turkey for health tourism purposes will have the opportunity to benefit from not only the internationally accredited medical facilities and staff but will also have the beauty and tranquility of Turkey as a site for recuperation.


Documents needed:

  • International patient's passport sample,

  • Electronic ticket of international patient,

  • Entry registration example of the health institution,

  • Treatment bill’ sample.


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