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Turkey's Medical Tourism Expert: Bodyexpert.Online

Sublimate Your Natural with

Body Expert the medical tourism agency in Turkey, expert in each field of intervention: hair transplant, teeth care, beauty care, aesthetic surgery and eye surgery.

Quality: We garantee the best references of quality, hygiene, medical follow-up, assistance teams and personalized services.

Efficiency: We deliver a detailed and personalized answer to your needs, in the best delays and after a first contact, and all this in your own langage.

With you 7/24: From the initial online contact to your assistance in Istanbul and the accompanying of your personalized care.

Licenced Travel Agent: Body Expert can organise your journey from A to Z.

Our experts are at your service!

Body Expert, a leading player for aesthetic and medical tourism in Turkey

More than 1 million people come to Istanbul every year to take advantage of the quality and prices of medical care and cosmetic surgery. As a specialized operator, Body Expert offers its services and personalized support for : hair transplantation in FUE and DHI with PRP injections, beard transplant, dental care, dental implants, beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery and eye surgery. We guarantee you a support by the best surgeons and the best clinics at 50 to 80% cheaper prices than most of the other countries, with unbeatable satisfaction rates.

Being a Leader in medical tourism in Istanbul means :

Delivering you the best guarantees of quality, hygiene and medical assistance, and personalized services.Delivering you detailed and tailor-made answers to your requirements, as soon as possible and in your own language.Full 7/24 availability, from the formulation of your requirements, to your support during your care in Istanbul.The experience of a licenced incoming travel agency, Body Expert can organize your trip and your stay from A to Z.

Our Expert Body Experts are at your service!

What are the benefits of a medical tourism agency useful ?

To save time and money, with the guarantee of having the best incoming services, the best medical care with the most experienced surgeons and the best follow up before, during and after the surgery, in your language and with a dedicated assistant.

How to prepare your medical tourism stay ?

Study your needs and compare prices and medical care technics, through internet or with local practitioners, and the reasons for choosing Istanbul. Contact Body Expert through our website : our dedicated team will help you to prepare every step of your care, from your medical needs to your budget, as well as your schedule.

Why choosing Turkey as your medical tourism destination ?

Istanbul, cultural and business capital of Turkey, is the ideal destination for aesthetic and medical care. A close and exciting destination with great airline connections, a legendary welcoming with great incoming services and excellent medical facilities, a professionalism that fulfills the most demanding patients, all at unbeatable prices.


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