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The reason people travel to Turkey for aesthetic treatment

People who looking for medical treatment are often confronted with the term called medical tourism. Medical tourism has thousand years of history behind since people had access to the internet, establishments of medical associations and accreditation systems lead to transform of ancient medical tourism which was to travel for thermal sources, to high technological and internationally accredited and credential medical treatments. There is good to mention general aspects of medical tourism in Turkey, aesthetic treatments, and services that international patients can receive.

People travel to other countries especially for elective medical treatments that are not covered by health insurance, high costs and other impacts lead them to do research on the internet. There are old examples of medical tourists who travel from Florida to Mexico due to distance, high quality, and fewer costs. Similarly, people who live in Scandinavian countries, Europe, and Arabic countries come to Turkey for internationally accredited high standards, credential doctors, and relatively more affordable costs. Turkey is among the top 5 countries according to recently done research, declared by the Turkish plastic and reconstructive association. Patients prefer Turkey because of the short distance from many countries, a visa-free status that eases to come to Turkey from European, Arabic, and CIS countries, and the present high number of credential plastic surgeons who are members of National and International associations. Medical Tourism services is another important step for international patients especially those who come to Turkey for the first time to find a good specialist in the medical branch of aesthetic treatment and receive all-inclusive services that often attract people to receive complete program and do not spend time for additional research.

Another important aspect is how people find and receive medical treatments. Government, associations, and medical tourism agencies help patients to receive the information they need for their medical journey. Research on google and social media generally helps people to find information that may be useful at the first step. Secondly, it is important to have a second medical opinion and medical program before coming to Turkey. Another important case is that there is a risk to have additional costs in circumstances of additional procedure, prolonged hospitalization, or emergency. With the medical tourism services, patients can receive consultation, assistance, and receive information about doctors, hospital, hotel, and other details that is important. As mentioned above, Turkey has a significant place internationally in the plastic and reconstructive branch, one of the important stages for this is accreditation, membership, and experience of doctors.

It is important for international patients to receive credentialed medical services in other countries. Mr. Stephan who traveled from Switzerland did research on the internet and find Medical Tourism Services to get information about aesthetic procedures. He received complete services and successful surgery, which was done by Prof. Dr. Onur Egemen who is board certified and a member of the American Society of plastic surgeons. Finding a good doctor and qualified services during a medical journey is one of the most important aspects of medical tourism. People not coming to Turkey for the reason of affordability of procedures but for credential professionals and high standardized services as well. Turkey is not the destination for Europe or U.S and Arab countries where medical treatment has high costs.

aesthetic treatment, prof.dr. onur egemen

Turkey is a good destination for MEA countries as well, patient Mrs. Natalia who came from Tanzania, had a successful aesthetic operation by one of the leading doctors in the mammoplasty branch. This is a good example that people across the globe visit Turkey to have elective and major medical treatments.


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