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Stem Cell supported Hair Transplantation attracts Europeans

More than 1.000.000 surgical hair restoration procedures are performed in the world today, thanks to androgenic alopecia and newly developed hair transplantation methods, people easily can restore their hairs in trusted and professional hair transplantation specialists' hands. Let's take a look at Turkey and the hair transplantation industry, Turkey since the 2000s became a leading country for hair transplantation procedures since doctors trained in this direction, received ISHRS certification, and attended international congresses of hair restoration worldwide.

Turkey offer quality and comparable affordable costs for the patients when several years ago most of the international patients were Arab citizens, today we can see that most of the patients who come to Turkey for the procedure are from France, Holland, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Italy, and other countries. The cost politic in this medical direction makes it possible to save more than 60% оf cost in patient’s countries.

A lot of competition, like in every branch, hair transplantation became very competitive in Turkey, you can find various costs for hair transplantations, packages and other benefits of hospitals, private doctors and medical tourism agencies. But this only makes it hard to take decisions when it comes to choosing hair transplantation professional. Costs in many places on average are identical, here, the most important case is to find a good specialist with experience, scientific studies, good results, and good service.

Medical Tourism Services works with Dr. Sait Bircan, who in 2008 did laboratory studies on stem cell, tissue transplantation, hormonal instabilities and continued his medical studies at Cambridge University and the UK. Since 2012, he continued his activities in hair restoration, had courses in Japan, and achieved ISHRS membership in 2016. Since then, the doctor performing FUE, DHI, Hybrid, and Stem Cell supported hair transplantations. According to Stemm Cells & Cloning patient with injected stem cells centrifuged from the fat tissue, makes an increase of 31 hairs per square centimeter of the scalp within 24 weeks. Patients can get advance in hair growth of 23 percent in six months.

Patients who prefer to have a hair transplantation procedure in Istanbul can apply to Medical Tourism Services to receive a free of charge second medical opinion of the doctor, receive the medical travel package based on their individual requirements, have a revitalization of the existent hair, and obtain new look with the latest hair transplantation methods.


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