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New interventional methods to cure cancer tumors in Turkey

Cryosurgery is a treatment method that has been used since 2000 with argon gas and smaller needles. Today as the technology going forward, cryoablation methods and equipment that used to treat cancers like retinoblastoma, skin cancers, early-stage prostate cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer.

Cryosurgery freezing cancer cells and causing cells in the treated area to die. Doctors using devices named cry-probe to freeze tumor tissue. Cryoprobes may be put into the body during surgery or through a small needle guided by CT or ultrasound, the probe inserted into the tumor freeze it with sub-zero temperatures with immediate effect and leaves adjacent healthy tissue without damage. Tumors that were frozen inside the body will be absorbed.

When cancer treatment planning, cryosurgery method in different cases used with a combination of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy as well. There are benefits that separate cryotherapy from other ablation methods like radiofrequency or laser ablation.

- Cryosurgery method is a minimally invasive technique for treatment, only one or several punctures is needed to perform the procedure.

- Less painful and outpatient procedure helps patients to return to their life in the shortest time.

- Cryosurgery can often be done with only local anesthesia.

- Cryosurgery can be repeated safely and may be used with other cancer treatments.

- Cryosurgery is a suitable treatment method for patients who can not be operated on due to different reasons.

- Cryosurgery is an option for treatment when a patient’s disease does not respond to other methods of treating cancer.

Cryosurgery can not be used on patients with visible cancer tumor, the long-term value of the procedure for some cancers and precancels is still being tested and not may be covered by insurance.

Cryosurgery has some side effects. Nevertheless, side effects are less than other treatment options.

- Abnormal cervical cell treatment with cryosurgery may lead to cramping, pain, or bleeding

- Treatment of bone tumors may lead to damage of nearby bone tissue and cause nearby broken bones.

- Cryosurgery to treat tumors in the liver may cause damage to the bile ducts and major blood vessels, infection, or heavy bleeding.

- Cryosurgery may negatively affect urine flow, cause incontinence, damage to the rectum, impotence in probate treatment.

Turkey is an experienced country with world-known doctors in the field of interventional radiology methods of cure cancer tumors. It is important to know the benefits and side effects of cryosurgery, a patient must firstly consult with a doctor before performing this procedure. Find a qualified doctor is the most important part of treatment, patient may contact with accredited medical tourism agency to receive information and a second medical opinion before coming for treatment to Turkey.



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