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Minimally invasive spine surgery in Turkey

MISS surgery is a minimally invasive method of spine surgery that is applied for patients with diseases like lumbar discectomy, laminectomy, and spinal fusion.

Contrasted to open surgeries, MISS surgeries were performed with minimal incisions on the back of the spine. Insertion of the tubular retractor. This is the tube-shaped tool where surgeons special tools to perform minimally invasive surgery without harm of muscles and soft tissue. Surgeon during operation uses an operating microscope and real-time X-ray images of the patient's spine.

Patients with problems of the herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spinal deformities, spinal instability, spondylolysis, fractured vertebra, tumor, or infection will get a direction of a doctor to have an operation, patients should ask for MISS surgery if it is could be performed in a particular case. Not all hospitals or other surgery facilities are equipped for MISS.

There is less blood loss, muscle damage, reduced risk of damage, faster recovery, less rehabilitation period, which could be performed outpatient and under local anesthesia if requires.

MISS surgery is called an endoscopic discectomy. Nevertheless, MISS surgery has some risks as infection, excess bleeding, pain at the graft site, nerve damage, blood clots, leaking spinal fluid, not enough relief of back pain.

Patients must be treated by an experienced specialist in MISS surgery in an equipped hospital, these minimalize surgery risks. A patient must inform the surgeon about the routine medicines they take, if the patient smoke he or she must take over smoke for a period. Patients as well may need to do MRI.

The surgeon will explain what to expect from surgery, the success rate, and the available complications you may face. Incisions after surgery closed with stitches, glue, or staples. According to the patients' case, surgery may perform outpatient or inpatient with hospitalization for 1 day. After surgery has been performed recovery period is shorter than open surgery, the surgeon will give instructions on how you can use your back after surgery. The recovery period is depending on the type of surgery.

In Turkey is one of the leading ISMISS association in the world. You can find a good specialist of MISS surgeries and perform a spine surgery with a higher success rate and less cost than Europe and US. Tolgay Satana is a founder and board member of ISMISS, PASMISS, and Asian-American MISS associations. He is a leading surgeon in the international minimally invasive spine surgery branch.

According to scientific researches, MIS surgery is favoring regarding open surgery.



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