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Health In Bursa – Health Institutions In Turkey

Bursa city in Turkey is a developed city in all areas of life, especially in the field of health. There is a great interest in the health facilities and centers in Bursa. Therefore, there are dozens of medical and treatment centers, public and private hospitals, and medical institutions.

Table Of Contents:

An introduction.

Health in Bursa

Health institutions and hospitals in Bursa.

The most important health services in Bursa.

Hot springs and physiotherapy in Bursa.

Features of health in Bursa.

An Introduction:

Bursa city is one of the most important cities in Turkey. It is also considered the capital of health in Turkey. There is a great interest in the health sector as we will show in this article.

Health Institutions And Hospitals In Bursa:

4.5 million people receive treatment in Bursa’s centers and hospitals. Moreover, about 240,000 people are undergoing surgical treatment there.

Furthermore, more than 4000 doctors practice their profession in Bursa hospitals, in addition to about 16 thousand nurses and health assistants.

Additionally, Bursa has three major accredited hospitals in the world with two hospitals for scientific and medical training and research in addition to the Medical College Hospital.

Bursa city also includes 19 government hospitals and 13 private hospitals. As well as the spa, rehabilitation organization, physiotherapy centers, clinics and medical units.

Among the most prominent public hospitals in Bursa are: Bursa City Hospital, Research Hospital, Ali Osman Hospital, Dörtçelik Children’s Hospital, Bursa Oral and Dental Hospital, and others.

As for the most prominent private hospitals in Bursa: Medical Park Hospital, Bursa Anatolia Hospital, Medicana Hospital, and others.

The Most Important Health Services In Bursa:

Heart disease treatment and surgery.

Cancer treatment and surgery.

spine surgery.

Plastic surgery.



Corneal and retina surgeries.


Joint and knee arthroplasty.

Maternity care and services.

Hot Springs And Physiotherapy In Bursa:

the hot thermal water is good for many diseases when its climatological and natural beauty is combined with healing water. Rheumatic diseases, neuralgia and neuritis, painful nerve diseases and polio are among the main diseases that the spa in Bursa heals.

Bursa has been known for centuries as a therapeutic center. Moreover, it contributes to the treatment of many diseases with its hydrothermal resources; Being home to hot springs, mineral and sulfur water.

Furthermore, mineral baths and hot springs in Bursa are among the most important natural resources that offer visitors a dual treatment that combines self-recreation and body treatment.

Additionally, there are 18 thermal spring facilities in Bursa that provide treatment services to thousands of people annually.

Bursa also includes Oylat Thermal Springs that have been used for 2000 years since the Romans. The spa was also used in the Ottoman period and has survived to the present day in all its glory.

In Bursa city, all people who are mentally and physically tired, will regain their former energy and vitality.

Features Of Health In Bursa:

Bursa hospitals have experienced, professional and skilled staff.

Moreover, Bursa centers and hospitals have the latest equipment and the best modern means of treatment.

Furthermore, Bursa is comparable to the major international and European cities in the quality of its medical technologies and treatment methods.

Bursa hospitals provide the best medical services, as well as the means of care and rehabilitation.

Medical tourism for the elderly and the disabled in Mudanya district of Bursa.

Thus, we talked about the health sector in Bursa, the best hospitals and health centers in Bursa city.


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