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Hair transplants in Turkey are helping people feel more confident with natural looking hairlines

One of Turkey’s leading clinics, Cosmedica Clinic, want to help you feel better for less

Hair loss can affect anyone, and whilst some choose to embrace it, it can leave others feeling self conscious or not quite like themselves.

If you’ve been considering getting a hair transplant for a while but are worried about the costs, getting your hair transplant in Turkey might just be the answer.

As with all medical procedures, it’s important to think carefully about the risks and costs and to consult your GP before you undergo any surgery to ensure you are as healthy and fit for the operation as possible.

Once you’ve been given the all clear, Cosmedica Clinic wants to help you boost your confidence with their hair transplant procedures.

How does it work?

FUE, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, is the most common procedure worldwide. During this procedure, the surgeon will remove individual hair grafts from a donor area at the back of the patient's head, and transfer them to the region which has suffered from hair loss.

At Cosmedica, they use advanced technology known as Micro Sapphire DHI to conduct their transplant surgeries.

This method typically uses sapphire operating tools that allow a more precise, finer opening of the hair follicles, and should mean less root damage and a faster recovery time.

It also gives each hair follicle 360-degree protection to ensure their time outside of the body is minimised, meaning a greater chance of success.

This technique was pioneered by Dr Levent Acar at the Cosmedica Clinic, and has achieved a high success rate to produce hair that is thriving.

He is known for his careful precision, and by placing each hair follicle individually with their Micro Sapphire DHI, he creates natural looking results.

What will it cost?

In Turkey, the costs are cheaper thanks to their lower cost of living. At Cosmedica, their VIP Hair Transplant Package can cost just £3,250 for an all-inclusive package that covers everything from the procedure itself, to hotel accommodation and check ups with Dr. Levent Acar.

Istanbul clinics generally have cheaper overheads too, meaning they can afford to provide treatment for a lower cost than UK hospitals.

The Cosmedica Clinic still aims to offer high standards of care, however, and their staff are all trained to provide a positive experience for clients throughout the transplant.

How do I book?

Once you have been given the all clear by your GP, simply get in touch with Cosmedica Clinic to book your free consultation.

Each consultation is no-commitment, and they will discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and your suitability for the procedure.

Cosmedica are also not afraid to say no if they think a patient does not need the treatment, and will ensure your safety is a priority throughout the procedure.

Once you decide to go ahead with it, you will need to arrange your own flights to Istanbul. However, the clinic will organise all of your transport between the airport, hotel and clinic, provide hotel accommodation and a personal chaperone to accompany you and offer interpretation if needed. If you do opt for their VIP package, your surgery will be performed by Dr Levent Acar himself, using needle free anaesthetic.

The clinic will organise all of your transport between the airport, hotel and clinic, and your surgery will be performed by Dr Levent Acar himself, using needle free anaesthetic.

You will also be given a stay in a luxury hotel whilst you recover from your operation, and a personal chaperone, who will be there to accompany you and offer interpretation if needed.

Like any cosmetic surgery, hair transplants are an invasive procedure and are not risk-free, and are not to be performed on anyone under 18 years old. It is vital that you check with your GP before undergoing any medical procedures.



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