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Antalya Airport breaks record with over 1,000 flights a day - governor

Governor Ersin Yazici has stated that Antalya Airport broke a record with 1,003 flights in one day, Yeni Shafak newspaper reports.

He made the remarks at the Traditional AKTOB Meeting and the launching ceremony of the World Angel Investment Forum, the report adds.

“We broke a record on Saturday. The Antalya Airport has become an airport where 1,003 planes land and take off in one day. This is the highest ever number,” Yazici stressed.

Evaluating the 2022 season, Yazici announced that records regarding the airport continue to be broken.

“On Saturday, 81,172 guests entered our city from the Antalya Airport. There were days when we hosted more guests, but our progress is good”.

The governor pointed out that the government continues to work on training human resources for the tourism sector.

“I believe that in a few years, we will have fewer issues with the industry's workforce quality and availability. But we won't be able to do so if we lose our existing level of quality and standard. Antalya is having difficulty. Antalya is more than just a tourist destination. It is a city that accounts for around one-third of Turkiye's tourism earnings, represents the country, and serves as its showcase. I feel the 2022 season will be successful. We will continue to collaborate with all state agencies and groups to facilitate your work and benefit our country's economy,” Yazici stressed.

He stated that Antalya will host the World Angel Investment Forum, which is considered the Davos of global early-stage investment and capital markets. The capital of tourism - Antalya - will complete the organization of the event with zero mistakes, the governor added.

“We will carry out a great organization by meeting all of our commitments in every way while also making all of the visitors comfortable. Antalya, I believe, will host the most stunning of the World Angel Investment Forums that have been ever done so far. As a city, we will provide this,” Yazici emphasized.

He stated that digitalization has started to prevail in every aspect of life and that this has increased even more during the pandemic.

“We are in the midst of an inevitable transformation. But I would like to open a parenthesis on one point. This city excels at two things. We are a city that raises agriculture and tourism to world-class levels. This is our biggest source of pride. Antalya exports agricultural goods to the rest of the globe. While doing so, we create high-quality items using our advantageous environment and technology and deliver them to the global market,” Yazici added.

The governor underlined that with its 680,000 beds, Antalya is undeniably the world's leading tourism destination.

“We will continue to provide tourism services with the highest standard and at affordable prices in the Mediterranean region with our foreign guests, who will hopefully exceed 9 million this year. We have a well-known proverb ‘all roads lead to tourism in Antalya’. This achievement indicates that we have caught up with the rest of the world in terms of technology and informatics in both sectors. I believe that the World Angel Investment Forum, which will be held on October 25-26, will be beneficial to our city and country in every way. This city will do an excellent job. Antalya is a city that has hosted comparable and larger events. Nobody should have any doubts about it,” Yazici concluded.


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